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Friday, August 20, 2010

Longest 3 Weeks of My Life

My hubby Ryan is in the military. He has been in since he graduated from highschool back in 2001. Luckily in December he will be officially out of the military. I will be able to give a sigh of relief when December rolls around. Until then...i must hold in my breath.
The past three weeks, he was away with the military for some training. He had to do this last year too, only it was for 2 weeks. But this time, families were not welcome to visit. I just had to see my husband and i wanted James to see his daddy too. After me and james took an 8 hour road trip to NC to visit family, we headed back toward KY. Ryan was transporting people back and forth from the base in Independence, KY that same day. We actually worked it out to meet each other at some random McDonalds in Dry Ridge for about 10 minutes. It was such a God thing. It was so good seeing him about 1 1/2 weeks into the 3. But it was almost like a tease, too. haha.
Everyday at home i tried to have my days planned out....literally. I had a list of things to do everyday. Yardwork, clean, finish laundry, take bathroom wallpaper down, visit family, etc. No matter how busy i was i would still think of Ryan. The nights were the worst. After having James tucked into his crib, i could finally collapse on the couch for a bit for some relaxation. I was almost hesitant to go to our bed, because i knew that he would not be there.
I realized how much i took my husband for granted while he was gone. For some reason, it never failed that some kind of appliance or electrical thing would stop working while he was gone. Our garbage disposal and dishwasher wouldn't work. Anyways...i missed how i could turn in the middle of the night and feel him next to me, i missed seeing james laugh and wrestle with his daddy. Mostly i missed feeling like our home and family were complete.
It was a very long yet busy 3 weeks. The best part about being away from your loved one for so long is that you spend so much more extra time making up for lost time. :)
I am blessed that Ryan is not overseas or being deployed like so many other military men out there. And that he was only gone for 3 weeks. I really admire the women and families that go 3 months to year without their loved ones. I tip my hat off to ya'll. So if you have a spouse who is in the military or even just a spouse in general, be sure to hold them a little tighter tonight!

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