Everyday Happenings Of A Wife And Mother

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Random Rachel

My life has been consumed with burp cloths and dirty diapers lately.  Along with wonderful cuddles and giggles.  The life of a mother is filled with the good, bad, and the dirty. haha!
Well, the road to potty training James is still a very....long...road. To say the least.  He is quite the stubborn child.  The typical first born.  It is basically going to come down to when he wants to do it.  Last week, we were given 2 tote fulls of hot wheels cars from our neighbors for James.  (we didn't let him see them) We thought it would be a great and sneaky way to get him to poo poo in the potty.  I wrapped them up and set the big wrapped boxes on the kitchen table.  That way he would see it everyday and hopefully be motivated to use the potty.  He tried...once.  The presents are still sitting on the table after 5 days.  I think James sees them as home decor now. haha! We remind him everyday that he will get the presents if he goes pee pee or poo poo in the potty.  His response is always "No thanks...I'm good." I am tired of cleaning man sized poop in a diaper! haha! At least i wrapped one of them in Christmas wrapping, because he may not be opening them until then. :) I need patience and more diapers. haha.

The weather has been gorgeous lately! We have been trying to take advantage of being outside or going to the park.

Adam is thriving so well!  He is in 6 months and some 6 - 9 month clothes now.  James was still in the 0-3 month gowns at this age.  He is our bubbly little child.  In the mornings, when he has gotten enough sleep, he'll lay there and just yell/talk until i go and get him.  It's not a cry just yell talk. It's cute....when it's past 630am. haha!
James is outgrowing his toddler bed.  In the middle of the night when i check on him, his legs are sometimes off the bed while his upper body is on.
Our boys are growing way to fast!  Life really is like a quick breath.  I'm trying as much as i can, no matter how tempting it is, to not get on the Internet until they are napping.  I want to make each moment count with them.  I know if i had an iPhone, which i don't, i would be useless. haha.

Today after i put james down for his nap, i got some one on one time with Adam for a bit.  I just love how joyful he is!

While i was pregnant, i started making Adam a mobile for his crib.  I found a cute idea with rain and clouds.  I just used felt and cotton.  The hoop was actually an embroidery hoop that i painted.  It was not expensive, but it did take a lot of time.  I finally got it hanging up today and hope that it will stay up. haha.

As i was making this i realized that Adam's crib set is Noah's Ark....a little morbid don't you think that i picked rain? haha!

I know i haven't posted much about exercising lately.  I have been working out everyday except Sunday.  I use Sunday to really stretch and rest.  (i love stretching!)
After only about a month of really working out, i have noticed my strength in my core is coming back.  I had a lot of back aches during and even after being pregnant.  Did you know that a lot of back pain is contributed to a poor core?  If you strengthen your core, your back will benefit from it.  Your posture is better and you learn to things through your core and your legs instead of your back.  Such as lifting heavy kids or groceries.  Even bending over.  Quite amazing.
Even though i don't have Jillian Michael shaped abs, i am noticing a difference in how i feel and even look since I've started exercising.
Today i actually did a Jillian Micahels workout.  It is called Banish Fat Boost Your Metabolism Cardio workout.  I just Youtubed it.  It is very long and makes you sweat.  She goes through each circuit twice.  Since i am crunched for time, i just did each circuit once including the warmup and a stretch afterwards.

Here is the link to the first Circuit:

*To continue on through circuits 2-7 (i think) just browse for them and they should pop up.  Each circuit is about 6-7 minutes long. Get ready to sweat! You don't need any weights or equipment.  Your body does ALL the work!  (James liked doing the kick boxing stuff with me)*

Sorry this blog is very random!  Have a Happy Day!

Friday, August 17, 2012

Somewhere Over the Rainbow

James has been...well...obsessed about rainbows lately.  (cutely obsessed) Last week we had gone to the Florence Freedom game - it was for military families.  As we were leaving the ball game, it had started to rain.  After we loaded up the kids, there was a huge, beautiful rainbow in the sky.  This was the first real rainbow that James had ever seen.  He was so excited, because we had been reading a book (that used to be mine) called Rachel's Rainbow.  He was able to see it in the sky until we drove closer to home.  
The next few days, James kept asking "Where's my rainbow?" I tried to figure out ways to tell him (in toddler words) how you need rain and sunshine.  It was not really registering.  Pretty much after i would try to explain the whole "rainbow" process to him he would then ask again "where's my rainbow?" haha!
I figured out an easy way to make him one that does not require rain.  All you need is the sunshine (or light) and a CD.
On the CD i wrote "James' Rainbow."
The morning i gave it to him, the sun was beaming in through the kitchen window onto the floor.  I made him sit on the floor and put the CD in direct sunlight and there was a beautiful rainbow on our ceiling.

James' CD in the Sunlight

The Beautiful Rainbow on the Ceiling

He Could Not Believe He Was Touching a Rainbow

Now James can see his "rainbow" anytime.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Organizing Clutter

I think i am still "nesting" from my last pregnancy. haha! I have been trying to de-clutter our house as much as possible.  I have been meaning to organize our important papers.  Since we've been married, everything from birth certificates, taxes, bill statements, etc have all been casually thrown into a drawer in our office.  We know where to find everything...in the drawer, but it was so un organized that it was hard to find exactly what we wanted/needed in the drawer.  I found a simple solution that i am in the process of doing now.

I found 3 binders (which i am going to get a couple of more) at Walmart for $1.74 each.  I also got some clear paper protectors too.  For 50 sheets it was somewhere between $2-$3.  I used baseball card holders for SS cards, insurance cards, military IDs, etc. I need to get another binder for Home/Auto and Bills. I always feel better after organizing chaos. 

                                                                  The Binders


Friday, August 3, 2012

Satisfied in You

(I saw this video posted on my sister in law's facebook.) 
 This is such a great worship song.  It is based on Psalm 42.  Every time i hear it i just want to close my eyes and picture my beautiful Lord. I am truly only ever satisfied in You!


Wednesday, August 1, 2012



Just a little 20 minute total body workout video i did this morning.  You get some cardio through the strength training. Enjoy!

*We all want to look our best.  Exercise is a great way to do that.  But there is more purpose behind exercising and eating right besides just looking good.  Exercise also makes us feel good.
Here are some benefits (even though i am sure you already know them...just a reminder :) :
-Eases tension in joints and muscles
-Improves digestion
-Reduces blood pressure
-Decreases headaches, bloating, and cramps
-Fights cancer and boosts immune system
-Increases sex drive (haha...but it's true)
-Keeps bones strong (osteoporosis)
-Helps balance your hormones
-Reduces risk of heart disease
-And of course, helps manage weight

If we want to take care of our health...exercise is a critical component in doing so!

There are valid reasons why some women should not exercise, but most reasons are excuses.  Of course cardio and strength training are wonderful ways to exercise...but you do not need a gym membership to get the benefits of exercise.
- taking stairs instead of elevators
- yard work
- playing with your kids
- even house work
- going for walks

If you have access to the internet, there are plenty of exercise videos that you can do as well.
There are many options out there.

I think if our mindset changed to "i want to live a long healthy life" instead of "i just want to fit into my old jeans" (which can be a motivator) we will stick to exercising/eating healthy longer.  It becomes more of a way of living...a lifestyle.
If you have kids, get them involved too!  My son James loves to ride his little bike.  I push our 2month old in the stroller while James rides his bike at the park. (when it's not scorching hot haha!)
Make it a family affair.

Have a happy and motivated day!