Everyday Happenings Of A Wife And Mother

Thursday, December 29, 2011

The Burkart Boys!

Whew! Christmas sure did come and go so quickly. Well, lots has happened to our little Burkart family this past weekend...i'm just now able to tell about it.
First off, we had our gender ultrasound Thursday. I was not able to sleep the whole week leading up to that day. haha. It's true. That morning while sitting in the waiting room, i felt like my nerves were going to make me faint! I really did not care whether the baby was a girl or boy...i just wanted to make sure the baby was healthy and well. Finally my name was called. The nurse who did the ultrasound was the exact same nurse who did our ultrasound with James. Was kind of neat. We spent a good hour looking at the amazing ultrasound screen. Detail by detail the nurse went through every bone to every artery in the heart. Our baby was such an active one! Doing flips, rolls, anything the baby could do to get away from the ultrasound. haha. The precious little thing kept it's hands close to it's face. When it came time to find out what the baby was...the baby was moving so much that it was hard to tell at first. But there lied between those two little legs was the answer. haha. It popped right up! haha. Yes, we are having another precious boy! I cried throughout the whole ultrasound and on the way home. haha.
Ryan and i feel so blessed and priveledged to have another boy to raise and lead in the way of the Lord and love. It's such a blessing because we basically have everything we need! Except for the every day essentials like diapers, wipes and such. The only major things we'll be needing to get is a pump for me and possibly a double stroller. It's nice not feeling so rushed. yes, of course we would have loved to have a girl, but with having a boy we do not feel as rushed to find a bigger house...for now. :) james and our baby boy will be sharing a room for a while...which i think will be good for them both. It's funny, the night before we found out the sex, Ryan and i were lying in bed talking about how much James needs a brother....little did we know. haha.
I don't know why we are having another boy? Maybe it's God's way of saying "y'all aren't done yet." haha. Or we are called to raise godly, respectable, dependable men? (Lord help us!) Or maybe i am just destined to be outnumbered by men? Whatever the reason, we are so happy, excited, and feel completely and utterly blessed beyond belief!
Here are some ultrasound pics - i don't have a scanner so they came out a little blurry. boo.

Showing off his muscles. haha.

The precious profile. He has the same head shape as james, but the nose is a little different.

His 4D picture. He was hiding his face with his hand. I love that little hand!

Sucking his thumb. So amazing...all five fingers!

*I'll tell how we told our family about the gender in another post*

Since we know we are having a boy, we have come to an agreement on a name for him. We were having a toss up between Jonah and Adam. But i do believe we are going with Adam Mark Burkart. (mark is after my dad) Adam sounds like a strong, manly name...that's why we of course chose it. So, James and Adam. "JAMES! ADAM!" Yep that sounds good when i yell. haha.
Even though Adam has all the clothes he will need - i found some plain onesies of james. I decided to get a little crafty with them.

For Adam...James' old onesy.

For James. I'm going to do this on a white onesy for Adam...so they can wear them together.

Whelp, i need to go make some vegetable soup for my sick little man. Hope he feels better soon! Have a thankful day!

Monday, December 19, 2011

Finding Things to Keep Me Busy...Christmas will do!

Well, the week has finally come! We find out the sex of the baby Thursday! I have lost sleep because of the anticipation...i know crazy. I should be enjoying this time of sleep before the baby arrives.
I just want to make sure everything is okay with the baby. The sex is important, of course, but i know whatever it is we will love! With James' pregnancy i had 5 ultrasounds - nothing was wrong - my doctor had an ultrasound machine in her office, so almost everytime we went for a checkup she would give us an ultrasound. This time we have only had one, and that was way back when we found out we were pregnant. So i am ready to see this baby!
Of course James and regularity of keeping up the house, i do keep busy. But with the ultrasound nearing, i have needed things to take it off my mind. So with Christmas here, that has helped. I have done some Christmas craft gifts once again.

For my mom, (found on Pinterest) I made her a Grandkids plaque - where she can hang pictures of her grand kids.

At first we tried to spray paint with stencils for the letters...it kept smudging and did not look great. Even though it took a long time, i printed of letters from our computer, cut them out, painted them, and mod podged them on the wooden plaque. It turned out really well! The clips for the pictures are just clothes pins. (i found some at the dollar store) i painted them white then hot glued on ribbon and buttons.
I also made some clothes pins and glued magnets on the back. They are great to hang up pictures or mail on the refrigerator.

For my nieces, i made a little bag with a christmas tree made out of ribbon. I just hot glued the ribbon on. I found this on pinterest - they made the tree on shirts, but i couldn't find shirts in the right size. Inside the bag i made bracelets and an ornament with their names on it. As you can tell, there is no ornament in the bag. Our lovely dog rocky, decided to chow down on presents the other night while we were away. Thus resulted in no ornaments. So i just put candy in there instead. haha.

Over the weekend, James and i baked Christmas cookies for our Kentucky Christmas. (we celebrated ours early, because we'll be in NC for Christmas) He loves cookie batter! And he was such a cute mess "helping" me.

Well, i am hungry once again and need to go do some prenatal workout before the kiddo wakes up! I will be posting soon! :) Love to you all!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Crafty Crafts

Dinner is in the oven...i don't have much time to blog, but if i don't do it now...i won't. haha.
I love doing crafts and learning how to do creative things...especially for the home. I have become an addict to Pinterest and all the crazy amazing ideas on there. Though mine do not compare to the ones on Pinterest, i still had fun doing them.

I painted this - i want to try to make a bigger one and with different colors that match our bedroom.

I love lacy things! I saw this on pinterest as well. I used what i already had around the house. The people who lived in our house before us left some lace curtains - since i knew that by being married to Ryan we would never have laced curtains hanging in our house, i cut some pieces off and glued them to an empty mason jar. I found a tea candle and put in there. It looks better with the candle lit. What i did not have was frost spray paint - it gives it a better affect.

Last week, Ryan brought james home a big surprise (an early Christmas gift) a Train that moves! James was in shock and so excited! he was a little bummed at first because he could not push the main train around - that would basically break it. We eventually put it around our Christmas tree and we turn it on everyday. haha. (it's loud! i don't think Ryan knew how loud it was haha) But it was such a sweet moment for both James and Ryan.

And now i just have to post a couple pics of my cute doodlebug! We got him a new winter hat from Old Navy for $8! He loves it!

Say Cheese!

I just love my boys! I'll post more about baby #2 updates soon! Love y'all!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Hello 2nd Trimester!

James is napping and i just finished my little prenatal workout....time to blog!
I am very excited! Tonight, i have a baby dr's appointment! I am hoping that we will be able to hear the precious heartbeat again. Being pregnant is really the only time i enjoy going to the doctor - plus i love my doctor!
I will be 16 weeks along tomorrow, which means only 2 weeks till we find out the sex! The anxiousness is killing me....it's kind of funny because my bible study group is reading a book called "calm my anxious heart." Kind of fitting, eh? haha. Anyways, i honestly have no stinkin clue what this child is. Morning sickness was a little rougher this time around and i was exhausted all the time. But could all that be due to having a toddler on top of being pregnant?
Lots of people are asking me what i would like to have, boy or a girl? Of course, i would love a girl - to dress her up in bows and actually buy cute little girl outfits that i see everytime i try to find something cute for james to wear. (lets face it, girls sections always have more clothes compared to the boys sections) If we had a girl, i could see me taking her on mother daughter outings. She and her daddy would go on dates together while james and i had a date together. I can see James being the big protective older brother. I have always been outnumbered by men throughout my life. I have 3 brothers....i had always wished for a sister, but as i grew up i would not have changed it for the world! And that brings me to the other conclusion - if it's a boy, James would have a little buddy, I could see both boys helping their daddy "build" in the garage. i have loved having a boy! And i wouldn't mind having another one. The love that sons have for their mothers is so precious! And how they look up to their fathers is such a wonderful sight for a mom to see. So as you can tell, i am good either way! It comes down to what the Lord feels is best for our family. Either way this child will be spoiled with love, for sure.
I just want to be able to put a name to the face, you know?
Our main priority and prayer is for the baby to be healthy. That has been my prayer from day one.
We do have a long hard road ahead handling a baby and a toddler. It will be new, exciting, and scary. haha.
I just can't wait to see this little bundle.
Here are a few pics of preggo belly from the end of the 3rd month:

Hello 2nd Trimester! I made it!

I am hungry, haha, i am going to grab a snack while i can (james always wants what i am eating). Have a happy day!