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Saturday, July 30, 2011

You are the Music of my Heart

(i was trying to be quiet while i was doing this video, because James was going "night night." And the lighting is bad - nighttime)

Here are the lyrics: "You are the music of my heart
In every song i sing.
From summer hours and Autumn days
Through winter into spring

You are the courage and the faith-
That keeps despair away.
You are the dream of every night.
The beauty of the day.

Indeed it does not matter dear -
The many things i do.
For you are the music of my heart,
And I'm in love with you."

I love you Mama Jenna and Daddy Rhyne!


Today, Ryan found a box turtle while he was taking a bike ride. He brought it home so James could see it. James was really nervous, because this turtle was fast! Unusually fast for a turtle. After he petted it once, he was in love! I had to take pictures of James first encounter with a turtle!

Friday, July 29, 2011

Pool day, thankful thursdays, and a scripture

It has been quite humid and hot here in Kentucky. Up to 95 degrees today with the heat index at 103 degrees. Steamy! While i love the summer weather, this is just too much. It is so decieving, when you look out the window you think 'oh it's such a beautiful sunny day...let's play outside.' As soon as you step out the door, you are hit with steam and sweat. That has been hard on our little doodlebug, considering he would eat, sleep, and play outside if we would let him. With heat advisories out, it does not sound inviting. I have been trying to make the best of the heat by taking him outside first thing when he wakes up around 730am -800am. Even by that time it is in the 90s. As soon as lunch time rolls around, we are pretty much seeking out any place with air conditioning.
Today, my dear friend, Brittney invited James and i along with another friend and her son, to the YMCA pool. (Thanks Brit!) She is a member there and gets free guest passes. James was so excited! We had been one other time and he loved it! I thought he would have been a little hesitant at first, but nope. He basically dove right in, swallowed some water, and had a ball! He is definitely my son - i grew up in water - the pool and ocean.
It was such a nice way to beat the heat and not only break up the day a little bit for me. Here are some pictures from our day in the sun.

James Sporting his sunglasses

Showing off his shades

My little wet doodlebug

The pool at the YMCA

Taking a snack break from the water

Everyone eating their snacks

As you can tell, i am a little behind with blogging. I am going to do my thankful Thursday today instead.
I am thankful for: *james feeling better
*Dinners with family
*James learned how to tickle me (haha it's so cute!)
*late night talks with my hubby
*God's peace!
*Creamsicle popsicles.
*Date nights (we get to have one tonight!)
*The fact that even though we do not know what the future holds, we still know that God's promise is always true and will never fall - HE will never leave us!

I have been trying to find new ways to get me more into the Bible. Sometimes, well, most times i have a hard time staying interested. Or i have no idea what to read. It is a big book, yah know? haha. I have started reading the book of Proverbs. Instead of just skimming through, like i normally do, i am taking a part each verse one by one. I have a websters dictionary with me while i read so i can break down the meanings of words. Even if i already know the definitions of the words, it helps me grasp it more.
Yesterday i came upon Proverbs 22:6 "Train a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it."
*Train- something that follows, to prepare, to focus
*Child - between birth and puberty
*Way- road/path, course of action, direction
*Go - to move, to become
*Old - mature, experienced, worn out
*Turn - to change, to rotate.
I put the definitions in the places of the words. It sometimes makes it more...abtainable and easier to understand. Plus it is a great way to help memorize scripture.
Just some helpful tips that have worked for me if you are trying to get into God's word more.

James is napping now, so i am going to go make the most of this time...maybe lay down. haha! Have a happy day!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Thankful Thursdays

Despite being sick, i am so thankful for medicine and the quick relief that it brings.
~my doctor
~ginger ale
~My husband - gave me some time alone tonight by taking James for a ride in the car
~our marriage...i love being married to Ryan!
~Air conditioning!
~My mommy - she has brought us groceries and helped out while James and i have been sick
~For the healing power that is in Jesus' name
Have a Thankful day!

Found this picture of Ryan and i on our honeymoon - September 2007

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Recliner Nap

James and i are still battling sickness. Today was a little better - he had more energy, but i was lacking it. I tried to put him down for a nap, but it seems that everytime he would lay his head down he would start to cry. I've heard that when kids have an ear infection, laying down makes it hurt worse. So i brought him down on the recliner in the office. I figured he could still nap but in a reclined level. It was so sweet! James and i napped for an hour on the chair. I had plans to kind of get things cleaned up and disinfected while he was napping, but since the kid was laying on my arm...i stayed with him. It was nice. Reminded me of the days when he was a tiny baby and i would nap with him in our bed. Here are a few pictures of us in the chair. Even though we are sick i couldn't resist.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Sick Little Doodlebug

Well, it's been a while in blog posting days. Our little family has been battling sickness right and left for the past week or so. Last week, Ryan was sick with a throat virus - sore throat and congestion. He had gone to the doctor, but left with only what he took...a virus. Viruses are yucky because you basically have to wait it out. It was hard on him being sick, but it gave me an opportunity to take care of him. He eventually got over the virus by the weekend. Well, Sunday night, it hit me...nasty sore throat. I was up all night trying my best not to swallow what seem to be knives. I was supposed to work Monday morning, but thankfully they were so nice enough to find me a replacement last minute. I am so glad i did! I did not mention on top of all this, our house's air conditioner froze up! It has been in the 90s and so humid. Needless to say, we were uncomfortably hot! I honestly could not tell if i had a fever or if i was just hot from lack of cool air.
On Monday early morning, i took James over to my parents house so we could be comfortable in an air conditioned home. Plus, i really needed to rest from not sleeping the night before. 9am rolls around, and i noticed James was acting a little odd. Not playing as much and constantly wanted me to hold him. Which was hard, because i did not want him to catch what i had. (i tied blankets around my mouth so i couldn't breathe on him) Next thing i knew, his nose was draining like crazy. Then he had chills. I took his temperature and it was 102.5! He was miserable. I was miserable. Thankfully by the evening our air conditioner was fixed and my throat started to feel so much better - gargle warm salt water. i know that sounds gross but it helps!
It was so nice to be back home where James was more comfortable and we had all of his things. We were so thankful for my family letting us stay over at their place even though we were sick.
Last night, James was up and down crying, snotty, and running fever. As much as i hate giving him medicine, i am trying to give him Tylenol round the clock. When his fever spikes he is a totally different kid - lethargic and non active....nothing like our boy. This morning when he woke up, he was pulling at his ears. I am glad i saw him do it - i took him to the doctor and turns out he has an ear infection in both ears. At least we can give him something for that, but as far as the cold like symptoms, they basically have to go away on their own.
I have been feeling pretty crumby all day with sinus pressure and stress. But it is so amazing how you can put all your sick symptoms aside when you know that one of your babies is sick. Adrenaline kicks in big time. James has been laying on the couch, sipping pedilyte juice and water while watching toy story all day. Praise the Lord, he is actually taking a long nap! I hope he is feeling much better when he wakes up.
God please give me strength and healing so i can be there for my baby! And please bring comfort and healing to James!
I could not resist taking pictures of him. If any of you know our little boy, he does not sit still AT ALL!

James laying perfectly still while watching Toy Story

"Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and i will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me for i am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy and my burden is light." Matthew 11:28-30
"...For your Father know what you need before you ask Him..." Matthew 6:8
"...And He took the children in His arms, put His hands on them and blessed them..." Mark 10:16

Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Yesterday, while James was napping. i managed to have some much needed quiet time with the Lord. Everyday i try to spend time with Him, but it usually is quick and surfacey...hey i am a mom!
I have been reading a Joyce Meyer book. One chapter was dedicated to dream/goals. At the end she asks to list dreams that you have for yourself on paper with no limit. I was excited, i got my paper and pen...and just starred at the blank page. I could not think of ANY dreams/goals that i had for myself. Not one! How pathetic, right? I started to actually get upset with myself, because i have always been a huge dreamer all of my life! But not at this moment in time.
Since i was little i always wanted to marry Ryan and have kids....Done that! haha. I obtained those dreams.
I put my empty list aside and just started talking to God. A lot of things started to surface while i was doing so. I mentioned up above that i have always been a big dreamer, right? That is all well and good, but usually if you are a huge dreamer...that's pretty much all you do is dream...never put anything into action. Worry, fear, anxiousness, apprehension you name it, i have been feeling it. Since Ryan's job is turning south, that has postponed are baby #2 plans for a while. Plus with the stress that's been eating up with him, i can't help but want to take some of that on. While i was praying to God, i started listing out all of things I've been worried about like "How will i be able to handle two kids?" "Can my body handle another baby?" And yes, i know those are all really silly, especially since i am not even pregnant! haha. I skimmed through my Bible and found one of my favorite scriptures - Philippians 4:6-7 (MESSAGE VERSION) "Don't fret or worry. Instead of worrying, pray. Let petitions and praises shape your worries into prayers, letting God know your concerns. Before you know it, a sense of God's wholeness, everything coming together for good, will come and settle you down. It's wonderful what happens when Christ displaces worry at the center of your life."
Another version says "His peace which transcends all understanding will guard your mind and heart in Christ Jesus."
Isn't that awesome! After reading that and praying that to God, i felt His wonderful peace. Yes, i do not know what is a head for us, but i do not want that to stop me from dreaming and living out those dreams!
I grabbed my paper and pen, once again, and was able to fill 3 1/2 pages of dreams/goals i have for myself and our family.
I also realized that i have had a hard time dreaming dreams for myself, is because i am a full time mother, and you feel like your dreams are wrapped up in them. Plus i am living a dream of mine that i had all of my life - to be a wife and mother!
The first three goals i have for myself i will share with you, because if i listed all the rest...it would be too long. haha.
1) To come to God first before reacting with and in worry, anxiousness, and fear
2) To be a better and more godly wife for my husband
3) To be a great example for my kids
So Dream for your family and for yourself! Even if it's something like learning to sew, or cook, visit a foreign country, or start new traditions with your family...those are all goals/dreams!
Enjoy your day and enjoy your life!

Welcome Home

My darling husband is finally home! He got in late monday night. We finally were able to spend some quality time last night after James went to bed.
My mom was always notorious for making "Welcome Home" signs for my dad while he was out of town for work and for us kids whenever we went away. Back then, it was just colorful letters on big white paper, but now, i want to do that for my family. I have always wanted my home to be a "welcoming" home. That is what i remember from my childhood.
So i decided to get a little more creative with my sign for Ryan. Here are some pics:

I'm so happy my manly is back home!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

The No Passy Try

Yes, i am still awake...Ryan is still away on business and i am trying to find ways to help me get more sleepy.
Early tonight, after James had his routine tubby time, i went and sat in the rocking chair in his room and waited for my little doodlebug to come join me. I usually grab his two silky blankets and a passy for us to rock and read books together before bedtime. This time, James so generously grabbed his two blankets through his crib bars and walked happily over to my lap. I was in shock that he did not reach nor whine for his passy that laid lonely in his crib. I thought, "okay, let's just see what happens." We read our books, prayed together, turned on his music, and then holding my breath...i laid him in his crib passyless. He did not seem to mind, not one bit. he cuddled up with his blankets and smiled at me as i told him "night night." I left his passy in the crib on the other end...just in case. Not one whimper or cry. I just went in to check on him before i headed off to bed, and there he was, sleeping soundly with his passy untouched. I am sure he will wake up with it in his mouth in the morning, but it is so amazing how easy it was. Ryan and i had just been talking about little goals that we have for him by the end of the year - move into toddler bed, start potty training, and to get rid of the passys!
James has only been using his passy for nap time and bed time. It stays in the crib the rest of the time. He adjusted so well to from having it all the time. We are so blessed to have a somewhat laid back boy. :) I just love that kid more and more everyday! He has also been quite the little helper lately. Whenever i am picking up something big and somewhat heavy, he drops whatever he is doing, rushes over and "helps" me pick it up. The look that he has on his face when i say "thank you" is priceless! He knows that he "helped" mama. He also loves to clean...not sure if i have created a little monster. haha. Vacuuming is his favorite! He has his little vacuum that he rolls around beside me while I'm vacuuming. After i am finished, i start to wrap up the vacuum cord so i can put it away - he comes over and feeds the cord to me! Picks it up, so it's easier for me to wrap! He is definitely a littler helper. Gosh, he makes me so happy!
Well, i could go on and on for hours about him, but i just remembered that i have to work in the morning...so i best get some sleep while i can. Good night!
I thought that once Ryan was out of the military, he would be home more....not the case with his job. Early this morning he left for Pennsylvania for work. He comes back late tomorrow night. Even though he is not gone for weeks - months at a time like he was with the military, i still miss him all the same. Especially Sundays. Sundays are our family days. On Saturday evenings, we go to church that way we can have the Sundays free for any projects, fun family time, or anything that comes our way. (can you tell i am missing him right now?) haha.

I forgot about doing my Thankful Thursdays this past week....i'll do it now:
~Sundays...when Ryan is home
~His job
~The way James says "Mama" and "Daddy"
~Our air conditioned house!
~Hospitable neighbors
~Trail Mix
~The times where you can look back on all the Lord has gotten us through or delivered us from so many things
~Late nights watching Arrested Development and Swamp People haha!

James is waking up now, i best go fetch him. :) Have a thankful day everyone!

Here are some pictures from the 4th of July:



Tuesday, July 5, 2011

For all of you Walmarteers

This morning i woke up extra early to go through my coupons for a "fun-filled" trip to Walmart. I will no longer call that place Walmart...i will refer to it now as the "Pit of Despair." I know that sounds drastic, but calling it Walmart would not do the building nor the people there any justice.
First off, you can never just run in there to pick up one item. You are surrounded by bold signs pointing in every direction telling and convincing you that you need everything within in sight. With the low prices and rollbacks, they help you justify your full grocery cart.
Today, was just an off day there i guess. i was so proud and pumped to have so many coupons ready for our trip. The big one was a Luvs diaper $2 off coupon. If you are a diaper buyer, you know that ANY coupon helps! James and i went through our normal routine of trying to stick to the list and not look around at all the tempting stuff that we did not need but would find some way to convince ourselves that we did. Anyway, we found an empty check out line. The cashier was an older woman. Word of advice, don't go to a check out with an older cashier. I know that is harsh, but we were literally the only ones in line and it took 10 - 12 minutes to get checked out. I handed her may stack of coupons awaiting my awesome deals. The lady literally laid out every single coupon and read each one individually! Not even scanning them! She had another worker come over and asked if a coupon was okay to use - it said Manufacturers coupon for crying out loud. I would have been more patient if the woman wasn't so rude about it. She was making me feel like i was an inconvience for bringing all of the coupons. Well, she got to my diaper coupon...she held it up and said, "i can't accept this." I replied, "well, why not?" She rambled on telling me that she has never seen a $2off coupon before. I tried to convince her that it was real, but she was determined to not let me use the coupons. I was livid. I think the miserly lady knew that she had the upper hand considering i was the one who had a tired toddler in the cart. I gave in and just paid so i could get james out of there. If i hadn't had james with me i would have dropped everything and battled it out for my $2off of diapers.
I left there frustrated. Once we were home, i read my reciept and saw a survey asking what we thought of our walmart trip. All i could think about was the pit of despair. Can you tell i'm hormonal right now? haha. It's hard to leave that place feeling better than you did when you walked in. Yes, you get pretty good deals, but the people there are so down and down right rude. Not everyone, but most of whom i've encountered.
Oh well, until we meet again walmart. until we meet again.