Everyday Happenings Of A Wife And Mother

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Nap Time Craft

Since it has been pretty much a dreary and cold weekend, i really had the itch to do a simple craft in which i already had the supplies to do. With the help of pinterest and my love for baby name meanings, i was able to make Burlap Name Meaning Signs...all while James took his nap. (i haven't gotten the picture frames yet...i'll post pics of what they will look like in frames later) All you will need is *Freezer Paper *Burlap *Iron *Printer
(Make sure you iron the burlap first so it is nice and flat) Place the freezer paper (shiny side) on top of the burlap.
Then iron (no steam - medium heat)
Once it is nice and stiff, cut the freezer paper that is around the burlap.
Next is printing on the burlap. I used Microsoft word - i had to play around with the font and size for a bit...just to make sure it would fit. Make sure you print with the burlap facing up.
Next, you can either peel off the freezer paper or leave it on. Cut the burlap to the size that fits your picture frame...and that's it! Here are James and Adam's without the frames.
Very simple and affordable! Mine will look best probably with black frames. But you can change it up - if you have colored ink, you can pick a different color to make it more fun. (i however only have black ink) :) My little doodlebug is now awake from his nap...happy crafting!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Is Forever Enough?

How can i not be thankful? I have been following a mother's blog for a about a week now. I found her blog through a friend. This mother's blog is all about her newborn baby girl, Nora. Nora has what is called Trisomy 18. I do not know much about what Trisomy 18 is, except that it shortens the child's lifespan. Some live till they are teenagers, others only to have their first breath outside the womb. THe journey of faith that the family has endeavored on is quite amazing and humbling. Here i am worrying about Adam coming early when all this mother wants is for her daughter to live another day. I cannot imagine the pain and sorrow this mother is feeling. At any given moment...this precious baby girl could breathe her last breath. We give birth in order to bring forth life. Maybe God is bringing forth "life" through this baby in a different way? Is that not how we ought to live? Treating every moment as if it was our last? Snuggling with our kids more. Kissing and telling our spouses how much we love them more...Taking advantage of every blessing given to us... My precious James and precious Adam, all i want to do is gather you both in my arms and carry you forever! My heart and emotions are overwhelmed with the amount of love that i have stored up for my children. I want to love them unconditionally. I want to live freely and faithfully with them. I am so honored to be a mommy. I cringe at the days that i have taken (and will take) the mother role for granted. We only have but a short time to impact and love on our children...don't wait for another moment to go by! Please pray for this precious little baby, Nora. Pray also for her loving family...that they have strength for the days to come. To read more about this mother's journey and more about baby Nora you can go to her blog iwillcarryyou.wordpress.com. If you do read her blog, prepare to cry, but also prepare yourself to look at your children in a different way.
James Holding Baby Adam's Ultrasound Photo

Monday, April 9, 2012

Baby Land

Last week, my amazing mother took time to help me clean, organize, and set up baby stuff. I feel so much better knowing that we are a little more prepared. And not to mention so grateful for our house! When James was born, we were in a very tiny and inconvenient apartment...(it was still a blessing compared to our first place) but i am so thankful for God's blessings through our little house.
Adam is staying in our bedroom for...however long we feel like. My mom and i moved the crib, changing table, and rocking chair into our bedroom - to make it easier on me at night. And so i won't wake up James...hopefully. haha.
At first with idea of moving all that stuff into our room, i thought it was going to be so cramped, but it actually isn't that bad.

Can you tell i am excited about another baby? haha.

Next in the boys room, by taking out the rocking chair and changing table it made the room so much bigger. Eventually we'll move the crib back in, but for now it's pretty much James' space. haha. (he's in for a rude awakening)
This is where the rocking chair used to be, we made it into James' little reading corner.

Adam's name decor (james has his on the other side)

The last big baby thing we set up was the pack n play. We put it downstairs so i can easily put him down or change his diaper if James is downstairs or playing outside. I'm going for easy access and comfort here. haha.

We feel so blessed that everything that we used for James is still in great shape and is...boyish. haha. It's nice to pull out all of James' baby stuff and get to use them again.

This Easter weekend, Ryan has been busily working on house projects. A couple of years ago, we were given a bathroom cabinet (it did not have the top). Ryan had put a wooden top on it and we used it as a little island in the kitchen. This weekend, he added waynes coating (however you spell it) and painted it to match the rest of the kitchen. Eventually he wants to extend the top of it so we can make it like a sit in counter...which would be great for cooking. But for right now, i think it looks awesome!

Here is the before pic:

And After pic:

...i'm just so thankful...now off for a nice walk with my little doodlebug.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Easter Crafts

Easter is quickly approaching, and with the baby coming in May...i haven't really had my mind wrapped around Easter decor or crafts until today. Luckily i already had everything i needed to do these fun little crafts with James.

The first one, we made an Easter sheep.
You will need: paper (preferrably cardstock)
cotton balls
2 clothes pin

*First i drew an outline of a sheep on the paper with permanent marker
Then i cut it out and clipped the clothes pins where the legs would be

*Next i put glue all over the sheep's bak and upper legs (clothes pins) and let James stick the cotton balls all over it.

After James finished putting on cotton balls, we stood it up...so cute.

James' little Lamb

*You will need: Cardstock paper
Tissue Paper
Clear contact Paper
Tape (to hang up)

*First i cut out the shape of a cross and glued the clear contact paper on the back on the cardstock paper.
*Then i lightly put glue all over the cross shape (clear contact paper) and had james put the torn pieces of tissue paper on the cross.

After the glue dried, i cut out the cross (leaving some cardstock paper - hold it together).
James wanted to hang it on our kitchen window where he could see it. It turned out better than i thought it would. :)

The last craft we did - james just colored what he said was grass and easter eggs. We glued a cross on the paper that he had colored as well. Very simple yet very cute!

Have a happy thankful day!