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Saturday, July 19, 2014

Catching Up On My Little Thankfuls

This past month, i have realized something.  I like to be in control!  I don't remember being like that...until i became a mom.  So much of being a mother to little ones is built on protecting, guiding, do's and don'ts.......it brought the controlling side out of me.  Not just in my parenting, but it spilled over into other areas in my life. 
No one is foreign to the feeling of wanting things to go the way that they want them to.  the feelings of uncomfortableness come out if we are challenged to do things differently or go in ways that would not seem ideal to our opinion. 
The past couple of months have been just that.  Uncomfortable.  Challenging. 
My darling husband, has started his own business with a close friend - Flipping Houses.  This has been in the works for quite some time, but it really did require us to just take a huge......ginormous leap of faith to get started.  Ryan has always worked so hard...all of his life.  Jobs would come and go that just were not satisfying.  Even though the jobs brought blessing of provision, there was still a......hole that was unsettled within him. 
We have always desired to live a life worthy to represent Jesus' name.  We have built our family on a faith based foundation. 
It came down to "are we really going to LIVE out what we SAY we Believe?"  Were we willing to trust the Lord with our finances, our family, our dreams, our lives?  Because we had said ever since we were married that we did and would. 
With taking a leap of faith into Flipping Houses we could not completely see if all of our financial needs would be met.  We were hesitant.  We could stay where we were......comfortable and feeling somewhat in control.  But is that really living the life that God wants us to have?
He wants us to live a life of TRUST.
Through many days of prayer, pros and cons, fasting......we came to agreement and somehow felt God's peace to go in the uncertain direction of Flipping Houses.
Ryan has been in the business for a few months now.......and it is awesome!  We have learned so much about trusting the Lord just from that step.  The business is flourishing!  My husband is coming home satisfied and excited.  We have more time together as a family.

(Their company is called "Encompass Builders" - they are working on a logo for business cards and website - will post more info when it comes) :)

Though worries and uncertainty seep in....i have to continually say under my breath "I Trust You Lord." 

I desire to draw closer to the Lord, daily.  Most would think that journey is a glorious, "sunny day sweeping the clouds away" type of thing.  For the most part, it is hard.  I have noticed that as i draw closer to Him and He draws closer to me......my sins are more out in the open.  My desire is to be more like Jesus.  In order for me to even come a smidgen close to being like Him, light shines upon the things that i need to rid myself of.  Worry, doubt, fear, control, gossiping, greed, envy, jealousy...you name i have probably felt it and have acted upon it. haha. 
If you find yourself desiring to draw closer to the Lord and desiring to Trust Him more.  Don't give up!  If we allow Him to lead us, our awesome Creator who knows our in and outs...He will lead us to things that are for our good. 
I don't have all of the answers......i am in the midst of surrendering myself to Him.  It is hard, but He does give His peace so freely.  And there is nothing like His peace!  His "peace which transcends all understanding will guard your hearts and minds in Jesus." 
I pray that you will have freedom. Freedom to trust that the Lord that loves and cares for you.....more than you could ever comprehend. 

Okay, enough of my personal ramblings......here are somethings that have been happening the past while. :) 

I have some pet-peeves. Unorganized shoes happens to be one of them. Our coat closet holds most of our shoes.  I would try everything to organize them to close the door - would always end up a stacked up mess.  My humble husband made two little shelves for our shoes to sit on.  So much more organized and i can close the door without kicking shoes all over the place.

Park day with the boys.

My doodlebug and little man.

These 2 cuties - took James to his first movie "how to train your dragon 2"

OK, this picture really does show how different the boys are.  James is the more cautious child.  Where as Adam is the more daring, no fear based child.  (James holding onto the wall while going down a steep walkway.  Adam running down the steep walkway) They are both so different, but equally cute......in my opinion. 


Ryan's mom overwhelmed us with awesome bushes and flowers for our yard!  Love feeling like i am surrounded by a garden.

A baby bird fell out of a tree.  The boys and i looked after it until it was able to fly away.  His name was "Birdy." haha.

Poor little pumpkin was sick.

James and his cousin Abbi going to VBS! It was neat to take him to VBS - brought back memories of when i went as a kid.

A couple of days later.......James caught Strep Throat as well.  Thankful that even through Insurance changes, we were able to get the care and medicine that they needed to get better.

I always wanted to have a glass kitchen cabinet.  I went into this project thinking i could do it all by myself, but I'll be honest, my husband did majority of the work. :) Lowes sells glass - we got ours for $6. Pretty cheap project......except that we accidentally broke our first piece of glass. haha.

Ice Cream!

Getting ready to watch the fireworks in Florence!

This night was just so awesome.  We were able to watch the fireworks curled up together in the back of my husband's truck.  It was such a sweet moment that i won't ever forget.

Celebrating the 4th of July with cousins and smores!

My husband's hard work! (project house) He did the landscaping and put in the cemented sidewalk.

James and his friend "Bean" watching the cement pour out of the cement truck.

Open wide!

Lovely walks and bike rides.

Heart The City at church. Our Motherhood group painted boxes for school supplies to send out to local schools.  Such a good time.

This smile.

Have a happy day!!

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Celebrate Life

This weekend was spent celebrating life...in two different ways.
We had a family get together Friday for Adam's 2nd birthday.  It was a wonderful...beautiful night out...perfect for a little birthday party.
I did a simple theme of the Hungry Caterpillar - Adam's favorite book...i think he loves it because of all the pictures of food in it.
I am so thankful to be Adam's mommy.  He makes me laugh everyday!  he also challenges and stretches me in ways i never thought were possible.  Thank you Lord for such a precious babe!
Here are a few pictures of the night:

From the time i started planning his party...God has really been speaking to my heart about celebrating life.  We don't need balloons, cake, and presents to have a reason to celebrate.  Celebration should not just come out of us during holidays.  It should be an ongoing way of life.  Every day is a gift that is meant to be recognized and celebrated.
I want to celebrate my kids by waking up excited to see their sweet faces.  I want to celebrate my husband with extra kisses and words that build him up.  I want to be able to take in simple moments with thankfulness.

Celebrate means - "do something enjoyable to mark such an occasion."

My challenge for myself (which i know will be extra challenging when hard times come, whiney kids surface, or hormones come unannounced) to do enjoyable things....to celebrate my life....to celebrate those that i love.

Most of these thoughts have been brought on by a little angel....Nora Rose.  I was so humbled and honored to be able to go to her funeral yesterday.  Despite the family's loss, they continued to celebrate her sweet 2 year old life.  I have never witnessed a more brave...more faith-filled set of parents.  So selfless.  Yesterday was Aleisa's (Nora's mother) birthday too. The service was beautiful as well as the many tributes and words spoken.

Nora's amazing mother documented everything on her blog.  From Nora's milestones and struggles to her own struggles and "God winks."  I started reading her blog when i was pregnant with Adam. (they were born about a month apart)  Aleisa's words challenged my faith and trust in the Lord.  I would look forward to reading her blog and seeing moments captured of Nora.  (Nora had such a way about making others smile)
Her blog made me realize more and more the importance of prayer.  She also taught me about celebrating little moments...especially with our kids.
Aleisa and William took in every moment with Nora.  They held onto every smile, every giggle, every odd she defied.  They had no idea how long they would have with their little girl.
Shouldn't we be the same way?  We have no idea how long we have left on this world...shouldn't we be celebrating life just a little more?  Shouldn't we be taking in simple and special moments of our kids and loved ones more?  Shouldn't we be worshiping the Lord through thankful hearts more?
I have been so challenged by this amazing family and that little 2 year old.
In the 2 years she was here, she reached more people than most do in a lifetime.
Please continue to pray for this wonderful family during this difficult time.
If you would like to read more about this incredible little one, please visit Aleisa's blog:


Thursday, May 8, 2014

Thankful Thursday

This past month has been filled with lessons for me.  You know how i am always about how important it is to be "thankful"...hence the title. :) It's like God was testing my thankful heart all month long.  I have been able to step out on the other side of things and see why and even how God used circumstances for our good.  Granted, most of the time i do not know where He is leading me or even how good can come out of certain situations....but in those "throw my hands up in the air" moments....i know (sorry this sounds cheesy) that He wants me to throw up my hands in praise and thankfulness despite how i feel, what is happening around me, and when things get hard, exhausting, confusing...etc. :)

I am so thankful for His daily lessons.  He uses situations, my marriage, even my kids to reach me.

I am thankful for these two silly butterballs...

This awesome Playground set, given to us by awesome friends....still am shocked every time i see it.  The boys love it! And i love that i don't always have to drive to the park. :)

 I am thankful that i am outnumbered by awesome little men everyday. :)

This sweet face that i get to look at every morning at breakfast.

Witnessing James getting bigger.  This little guy knows how to use a shovel...now if only i can get him to dig up weeds. 

 Simple things...like flying a kite.

Wet, open mouth kisses.

Catching up with cousins over lunch.

Adam learning to ride a little Trike.

Seeing the boys get closer...this sweet moment happened right before a loud fight between the 2 of them. haha!

 A little night out with James - Reading Night at his Preschool.

For James' Preschool. They had a story walk - you follow the story as you walk outside.  James' teacher, Miss Kim, is awesome at telling Bible stories.  She did Jonah and the Whale.

   We got to see Gammy there too.

For crafting time.  I am finding out that i just love to Create. Decor, art, babies...you name it. haha!
I call these the - "While They Were Napping Crafts"

Bed Sheet Striped Curtains

Paint Stick Sunburst Mirror
I'll try to do a DIY blog and show step by step of these two crafts in a future post.  I have 2 more curtains to make - I'll take better pics for that. :)

Our new washer was delivered yesterday.  Yes, our dear old washer bit the dust last week.  Though there is never good timing to buy an appliance, i am thankful that we will have clean clothes again.  And for my mom who let me do loads of laundry at her house. :)  

And this little guy...said he wanted to go potty...and that is what he did.  He just sat there and said "pee pee potty"...hey, it's a big step for a soon to be 2 year old.

And lastly, i am thankful that i am packing up to go on a little trip with just my hubby for the weekend.  It is much needed!

"Do not fear what this day, or any day, may bring your way.  Concentrate on trusting Me and on doing what needs to be done.  Relax in My sovereignty, remembering that I go before you, as well as with you, into each day.  Fear no evil, for I can bring good out of every situation you will ever encounter." - Jesus Calling
(Scripture Reference - Genesis 50:20, Psalm 23:4)

Have a thankful day!

Thursday, April 3, 2014

For My Husband

This is not going to be a deep revelation type of blog post....i am sleep deprived.  Adam has been sick all week with the croup and a virus = tight lungs = breathing treatments = a little worried mama.  Thankfully, he is on the mend and breathing so much better! 

A friend of mine, from our church mommy group, has been doing an awesome challenge on her blog - about marriage.  Today was about speaking positively about your husband.... 
Find it at - http://chucksandpigtails.com/

So I wanted to take a minute...a blog post...to brag on my husband a little bit.  That man, especially this past exhausting week, has reminded me how blessed i am.  
I am no longer working outside of the house all because of my man.  He has taken a step into doing something he has always wanted to do, which has allowed me to stay at home with the boys.  I am so grateful to not have to rush around and pass off the boys back and forth with him.  i am thankful to have our Sundays back as a family.  I am able to actually cook more meals for our family...and we can eat together!  All because of his hard work.

This past week, like i said, was very tiring for me.  i had mentioned to him in passing a few times earlier that i would love to get away for a while.  A little vacation for just us two...and even with the boys. 

One night this week, after the boys were asleep, my husband had lit candles in the living room and turned on a Netflix movie on Beaches/Oceans.  He asked me if i could get away with him for a little bit. I know it sounds cheesy, but it was so sweet!!  I felt so relaxed and refreshed to take on the long night ahead.  Yes, i was having an exhausting week with a sick little one, but he was also having a long hard week with work, school and side jobs (flipping houses).  Yet, he still took time out to do that for me.  I didn't deserve it.  I am sure i probably complained about my lack of sleep time and time again, but he still did that.  It was so nice to just sit and talk with my husband with a "beach" in view. haha.

My husband is my reminder of God's goodness and love. 

He works so hard for our family day in and day out.

Here is a Tile Project he had been working on all week! (a kitchen, dining room, and bathroom)

Because of the love and dedication of that man, i am able to spend days like this with our boys.

 Even through the business and tiresome work, my husband still makes sure he kisses the boys good night for bed. 

My husband is not superman.  He gets bumps, bruises, tired, worried, drained, sick, angry, annoyed...you name it.  I didn't marry him because i thought he could fix everything or could take on the entire world.  I simply married him...because i enjoy that man so much despite his flaws.  
I love that he is my best friend. 
I love that i get to see his face before i go to sleep and before i get out of bed.
I love the fact that he gets annoyed at me for eating the raisins out of the Raisin Nut Bran box. haha!
I love that he is so creative with our boys.
I love that he puts aside his wants daily so our needs can be met. 
I love that he gets my sense of humor...sometimes. haha.
I love that i am the one that gets to see his true genuine smile. 
I love how attractive he is.
I love it when i hear him working out downstairs - that he is exercising to worship music.
I love that i don't have to worry or fear about his leading for our family.
I love that he is excited to come home.
I love that our boys scream "Daddy's home!" when they hear the garage door.
I love his compassionate heart.
I love the fact that he is not perfect and gladly admits it.
I love that on his worst days he seeks the Lord.
I love that on his best days he is thanking the Lord.

I love my husband.