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Monday, May 30, 2011


Hello to all who read. it has been quite a while since my last post. I have found it hard to sit down and actually do anything with a toddler running around. now, my energized son, james, is down for the night so i remembered that i have a blog to update.
Even if no one reads my posts or not, it's nice to just let things out.

To update you on James, he is almost 21 months old! It is so crazy to me that i will soon be starting potty training with him. he is as bubbly as any little one could be. Did i mention he is such a boy. He only plays with boy things such as trains, cars, airplanes, trucks...pretty much anything that has wheels and he can push. He also loves to help me vaccumm. During his playtime in his room, he always goes to the same corner behind the rocking chair and looks at books by himself. Somedays he will sit there for 30 minutes. Quite amazing. Yet despite his very boyish tendencies like rubbing food in his hair, play with cars, get dirty, always wants to be outside, and his obsession with automobiles....he has got such a gentle heart. There are some things that only moms are priveledged to see their kids do. I have always prayed that James would be a joyful, laidback, sweet boy...and he is. He always helps me up, kisses my booboos, and loves to hugs and kisses.

We do plan on having more children, and i wish and pray for more...but it is hard for me to comprehend how i could love another child as much as i love my son, james ryan. He is my joy and brings me more purpose in life.

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