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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Catching Up

Sorry if this blog is very random.  I am running on low energy and time.  James has been sick since Sunday with a nasty cold, cough, and fever.  I have been trying to do everything humanly possible to keep Adam well.  It is quite a difficult task keeping them separated.  My hands are so dry from washing them and hand sanitizing them. haha!  But luckily i think he is on the mend.  Praise the Lord!
Even though it is exhausting and hard taking care of sick little ones, i am so thankful that i am able to stay at home with them at any time.  And that i don't have to move heaven and earth in order to be able to take care of them. :)
My sick little James 

Thanksgiving has come and gone so quickly!
I had such a great time with my family.  My older brother brought his wife and two kids from NC to Kentucky to celebrate Thanksgiving with us Kentuckians.  It is always so good to see them, but also makes me home sick.  I miss my Carolina home a lot!
James loved playing with Abbi and Sam.  They were together pretty much everyday that they were up here.  
I am so thankful for my family and the time we all got to spend together.  I only wish that there wasn't an 8 hour drive in between our families.  Maybe someday we will all live close. :)
Here are some pictures of us on Thanksgiving. (side note:  Anytime James has a picture taken of him he screams "Cheese!"...resulting in the face that you will see in most if not all of the pictures haha!)

Mom and Dad with the Grandkids

Siblings, Spouses, and kids (my brother Jake and his wife were not able to make it up from NC) :(

Thanksgiving is such a wonderful holiday that has started to lose some of it's meaning.  Especially this year with black Friday moving up to black Thursday.  Those poor people who had to go out and work on a holiday.  Sheesh.  
Thanksgiving always serves as a great reminder of how we need to be all year round.  Thankful.  I am so thankful for my life, my husband, my kids, my family, our home, our health...i could go on.  It is so important that we think upon those things that we are thankful for.  Have a thankful mindset will change our attitude and how we view life in general....for the better.  
My hubby's birthday was the day after Thanksgiving this year.  Even though i think he found it annoying that his birthday was so close to a holiday, i actually loved it. :)  I got to be thankful for his life and then the next day celebrate his life. haha.  
I love that man!  

Since Thanksgiving is over and the Fall season has started to come to a close...Christmas time has started!  That includes in our household. 
We have not gotten our Christmas tree yet, but the decor is slowly coming out.  
Ryan has really surprised me.  He has come a long way since we were first married.  You see, i am all about Christmas.  He always teases me by saying i am the Christmas spirit. haha!  And he....well...was not. haha!  Being in the military and being away from his family and home around the holidays put a damper on his view of Christmas.  
Our first fight was actually over our first Christmas together.  i wanted to get us a Christmas tree, and he did not see the point in getting one.  I left for work that night all mad thinking that he was killing my Christmas. haha!  little did i know what he had in store for me when i got home that night.  He had gotten a Christmas tree and set it up in our little apartment...with Eric Clapton playing in the background.  Long story short, we made up and got through our first fight and yes...had a great first Christmas together with a tree! haha!
Anyway,  Ryan wanted to put Christmas lights on our house.  And he did!  To my shock and disbelief we did it over the weekend.  Very simple, but enough to where James loves staring at them through the window.  

View from Front Door Window

Front yard view - James standing with his train at the door

This year, i really wanted to do our own Advent calender this year with James.  There are so many neat ideas online of how to make your own.  Ryan helped me come up with a cool little Advent calender.

I got clothes pins and mod podged some Christmas scrapbook paper on the front to give a little zing.  Then cut out the numbers (dates) in a circle.  And behind each number is a Hershey kiss.  (in honor of my Daddy Rhyne)  We used James art/craft display that Ryan had made a while back

Hershey kisses behind each number
It will be a cute thing for us to do with James everyday.  Plus that kid will do anything for chocolate!

                             I just had to post a pic of this little cutie and his new hat to end this post!  

Have a Happy Day!

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