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Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Today we were surprised with more snow! Just when we thought spring was so close we get a little over an inch of snow.  The boys loved it! We all bundled up to have some fun in the snow - this was Adam's first time out in it.
(the only snow suit i could find for Adam was entirely too big for him...it swallowed him up...still cute though)

I am not a winter person...i am a beach girl at heart (from NC), but there is something so lovely and peaceful about snow falling.  It is so quiet and beautiful.
I was so thankful for a day of just "PLAY" with the boys...we needed it. :)

A few days ago, i found my old ballet shoes from years ago.  I have toyed with idea of getting back into again, but with having two kiddos i did not think that i could find the time let alone the energy.  I danced all the time - for 15 years.  It was such a huge part of me.  When i had the boys, they filled that void where dancing took place.
I decided that i wanted to try it out again.  I know my body is not the same as it once was before kids, but why should that stop me? or anyone?  Change can be so good.  For me having kids was the best thing to happen to me.  I feel so much stronger (some days) both physically and spiritually now that i have become a mother.  I want our kids to know me as a woman who pursued and "did" my passions.  Where as i don't want anything to take the place of my time with my family (have to find balance) we as moms need time for ourselves.  This is a way that i want to take time for just me.
Dancing kind of hits a lot of spots in my life for me - it's exercise, it relieves stress, spend time with God, etc.
Sunday, while the kiddos napped, Ryan listened out for them so i could take my time in the basement and stretch and do some barre work.  It felt so good!  Every time i dance, exercise, or move i realize God made our bodies..and He designed them to MOVE.  It is so freeing.
I'm excited to slowly take up this hobby again.  I have no goal in mind, just to enjoy it again...in my basement.
I have a challenge for you - to find or figure out something that you love to do and pursue it.  Crafting, exercising, painting, blogging, taking pictures, singing...whatever it is...take time and do it.  It's okay to take time for yourself.  You will be a better mom and wife if you do something for you every now and then. :)

I am so thankful for my life.  Even the hard times...because i am always reminded how blessed i am...

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