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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Baby Burkart #2

Month #1

I have yet to take pictures of my belly from month two...it has definitely gotten bigger. My doctor warned me that after having a baby, during your next pregnancies you tend to show a lot quicker. Boy, she wasn't kidding! When i was pregnant with james i waited well into the 5th month before i wore maternity clothes...and even then i only had 3 pairs of maternity pants and a couple of maternity shirts...i could still fit into my normal clothes (some) during the entire pregnancy. This pregnancy i fear will not be the same. haha. I just want to be comfortable...and my pants are definitely starting to feel snug. Tomorrow i am planning a trip to mall to by a belly band - you can wear this band around your normal jeans/pants but leave the buttons undone - it holds it in place.
I am almost 9 weeks...the morning sickness is making it seem longer! I have been having it morning, noon and night. With james i remember i was kind of queesy throughout the day, but i was not near this bad. So i am praying that the 2nd trimester comes quick! But it is a bitter sweet feeling - it shows that i AM pregnant and that everything is getting into balance, but the bitter side...i hate feeling nauseous! So please pray for me! Luckily james keeps me busy to where i don't think about it too much. haha.
We had our first prenatal visit last week. I love my doctor! Everything seemed to be right on track. It was too early to hear a heart beat yet, but she surprised us and took us back to the ultrasound room and gave us one for FREE! We saw our little sweetie! And his/her heartbeat! It was so amazing and just what i needed to keep going! haha. We had james with us in there - that was neat.
We hung up the ultrasound pics on our bulletin board (so i can see it everyday) - james always goes up to the pictures and says "B" (baby). So sweet.
I can't believe how much i love this baby! I am excited to have 2 kids. I may be saying differently once the baby arrives...but i feel like our family isn't complete yet.
The other day i wanted to just rock James to sleep for his naptime. (we usually just read books and i put him down in his crib and he puts himself to sleep) As i rocked him, i looked around his room just thinking about him and this baby sharing this room. (we only have 2 bedrooms in our house - they will be sharing a room for a while) On one wall we have James' name spelled hung up...i could just picture baby #2's name hung up on the other wall. I about started crying. haha. While i was still rocking James, the hymn Great Is Thy Faithfulness popped into my head. It is such an amazing song! His faithfulness is GREAT! I am so blessed with my wonderful manly husband, my son james who always brings me joy, our baby burkart #2, our cozy home, and our wonderful family and friends who have helped us through thick and thin! Mostly i am so blessed with an ever so faithful God!

Here are the ultrasounds...it's hard to tell that it's a baby...but it definitely is!

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