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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Christmas Ornaments

It has been...well, a month since my last post. The pregnancy and little James have had me pretty occupied. On the Baby #2, everything is going great! I am 13 weeks today...which means only one week left of the 1st Trimester! I am starting to get more energy and am able to eat a little more at night...still not up to par, but i am well on my way.
Last week we had a Dr. appointment to check on our little bundle. We heard the heartbeat...the most amazing and comforting sound to a mother to be. It brought tears to my eyes...just knowing this is for real and that our baby is doing great. Other wonderful news considering our baby, we find out the sex on December 22nd! I'll only be 18 weeks, but the nurse was so sweet and said since i am petite it would be easy to find out the sex...plus she wanted me to be able to enjoy my Christmas. I told her "thank you" probably 10 times on the phone. haha. So, only 36 days till we find out! I really have no indication of what the baby is. Things were different and yet things were the same as James' pregnancy. We will see. Of course we would love to have a little girl, but i have absolutely loved being a mommy to a boy. (i may say differently when james reaches his teen years) haha. I am just so so so excited to just be having another baby. God turned an almost impossible situation into something possible and beautiful.
James is doing great. He is headed for some major adjustments these next few months. This weekend we are moving him into his toddler bed - so baby #2 can have the crib. (we wanted him to be well adjusted with that before the baby comes) Please pray it goes smoothly! Then this winter, sometime after Christmas, we will start POTTY TRAINING. (it kind of puts my stomach in knots thinking about that) If anyone has any tips...feel free to share! I figured since Kentucky is known for their very snowy and icy winters that it would be a great time to potty train - since we will be home a lot more. Then of course the last adjustment of having a little brother or sister. I think he will be great! But, i'm just praying that i will be able to divide my time wisely. woo.
James is talking more and more! we have been doing "school" for the past few months. He knows letters A - P now. He recognizes them and can say them. He knows his numbers 1 - 5. And the colors Red, Blue, and Green. It's actually been fun. Some days, because of morning sickness, i couldn't handle doing anything. haha. My favorite thing to do with him is Arts and Crafts. He is actually the neatest boy when it comes to painting and coloring. Always stays on the paper and i have yet to have a shirt covered in paint. (there's still time)
Today, i was in the Christmas mood and wanted to do something crafty. I found this "recipe" for homemade ornaments.
It's super easy and fun to do with the kids. You have to be careful that your kids do not think that they are cookies...James did at first and wanted to eat them. (he helps me bake cookies - he likes the batter...just like his mama) :)

All you need is:
- 1 cup of Salt
- 2 cups of All Purpose Flour
- 1 cup of Luke Warm Water
- Cookie Cutters

once you have the ornaments cut out and on the cookie sheet. You bake for 2 hours or until completely hardened on 250degrees.

After they are completely cool, you can use accrylic paint or really anything to decorate. We used acrylic paint. James loved this part.

Here are some of ours. It was so much fun to do and a great activity for a rainy day.

I hope everyone is having a great week! Oh, their is this amazing singer Daniel Martin Moore that we found on itunes. (we heard one of his songs on the TV show parenthood) I am in love with his music! It's very smooth and mellow. My favorite is "IT is well with my soul." Check it out! Alright, i've got to go give James a tub!

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