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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thankful Thursday!

It is 730 in the am. Ryan has just left to run in the Thanksgiving Day 9k. (i'm so proud of him) James is sitting in his high chair eating breakfast while i am typing this. It is so nice to really be able to sit back a think about all of the things that i am thankful for....the list is so huge!
One of the things i am so thankful for is our little baby #2. I've been putting headphones on my belly playing sweet worship music for him/her. I know, his or her ears probably have not yet developed completely yet, but hey....people play music for plants in order for them to grow...do they have ears? nope. haha. Anyway, yesterday while James was napping, i relaxed on the couch while i played music for our baby. And guess what?! I felt the baby move! Believe it or not, i am positive it was our baby! I remember how it felt with james....it's the most amazing feeling in the world!
I am so thankful for our precious boy james. The whole toddler bed transition has been a dream come true. He has not come out of his bed once! He waits for us to come get him. And putting him down to sleep is still so easy as it was in the crib. Haha, we have started a new tradition with him before he goes to bed (not every night). Ryan gets his guitar - he learned to play some of James' favorite songs on it - Deep and Wide, Jesus Loves Me, The Wheels On the Bus, and Old Macdonald. We sing the songs together...James gets so tickled. And he always asks daddy to play it "fast" so he can run in place. haha. It is so sweet!
Yesterday my wonderful mommy took us to the mall for James' first Build A Bear experience. Uncle Joe was in town, so he came along too. James picked out such a cute dog and of course a Lightning Maqueen outfit for the dog. The Dog's name is Patch. It was so cut and sweet seeing him cling onto that dog all throughout the mall. After Build A Bear, James heard none other than the train passing by...so you know what that lead to. haha. He held onto Patch as he and Uncle Joe rode through the mall in the train. (so glad Joe was there - i would have gotten sick on the ride haha) We ate some lunch together and then rode the carosel. (Build A Bear gave us a free token for it) Here's some pictures from the eventful day:

Gammy gave James a little Christmas tree to decorate for himself. I got some lights from the dollar store and we hung the little heart ornaments that he had made on it. (we aren't decorating for Christmas until tomorrow - we have a thing about waiting until after Thanksgiving)

I am so thankful for my husband Ryan...who is right now running his heart out in the cold. haha. I always wonder why God blessed me with him? Everyday i am in awe of how God brought us together, our marriage, and our family. I am excited everyday about our lives together! I am also very thankful for his foot massages! The joys of being married to a preggo wife.
I love you Ryan!

I am thankful for my family!

I am thankful for God's wonderful peace! I think thankfulness plays a key role in that.

I need to go start cooking for a huge thanksgiving lunch with the family!
OHHH! I am also so thankful for 2nd trimester! Just in time for good eating!!! haha.
Have a happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!!

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