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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Nesting Mode

The past couple of weeks i have been in full on nesting mode. Again, with the help of pinterest and hobby lobby coupons, i gave into my crafty urges.

James painted this valentine for Gammy. (found it for $.99)

I found this on pinterest. I took beer bottles (you can use wine bottles too) and wrapped yarn around and around the bottle. At the ends i used hot glue to keep them in place. I picked these colors because they are in the picture above our mantle...It's a nice way to add some color to a room.

For this project, i found an old shadow box frame that was in our room and glued on a piece of cardstock paper to it. The hearts were just punched out by a heart paper puncher. I just folded them in half and glued one side so that it will stick. I had a ton of hearts left over - i just scattered them out on the bottom of the frame.

I put our wedding date and the boys name on the white hearts.

I wanted something to hang up james' artwork. The fridge could not hold the amount that james would paint. Ryan had some extra wood and made a frame and painted it white. He took some wire and stapled them across the frame to hold his pictures. The cute little clothes pins i found at walmart for a couple of dollars (they are so cute). james loves it! All of the pictures that he has on there right now...he says are "trains." haha.

At hobby lobby i found some really cute scrap fabric - they have a bin full of them at a cheaper price. I decided to make james a simple guitar shirt. (i made one for Adam a while back) I really need to figure out my mom's sewing machine...would make things easier. haha.

Next post i need to tell y'all about an incredible book i have been reading. Have a happy day!

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