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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

James and Abbi

My little niece, Abbi, is in town from NC this week. My parents brought her back after their trip down there. She is such a burst of bubbly energy! It is so neat to see her and James interact. They play so well together! Abbi could not believe that James could talk - she laughs everytime he does.
She turns 4 years old today. To celebrate her birthday, Gammy and i took the kids out yesterday. Our plan was to take them to Otterville...we changed the plans. haha. We took them to the Airport Lookout for a while to watch the planes land and take off. It's amazing how they absolutely loved it. Next we went to the mall to, of course, ride the train. James and Abbi both love Thomas the train...so this was a special treat for them both.

On the Train

We ate lunch at the mall and let them walk around for a bit.
They were so stinkin cute holding hands.

After that, James needed a nap after their big day. So we went home for a bit so he could nap. When he woke up we went straight to Gammy and Papa's house to celebrate Abbi's birthday.
James and Abbi decorated Abbi's birthday cake...James was just digging into the cake and Abbi was pretty much eating the icing. haha.

Here is the cake!

After decorating, Gammy made them close their eyes because she had little Thomas the Train Goody Bags for them.

They had such a good time together!

For Abbi's b-day present, i made her a little apron with the letter A and a cupcake on it. The material is just felt that i found at hobby lobby.

I cannot believe that my little niece is now 4 years old! I wish that we lived in the same state, at least. I always wanted my kids and my brother's kids to grow up together. I am so glad Abbi was able to come up and visit...james is going to be so sad when she leaves.

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  1. Oh my how adorable they both are!!! Abbi is growing up so fast!! Miss you guys & love youu!!!