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Thursday, March 8, 2012

A Very Thankful Thursday!

Today is one of those stay at home kind of days. It is rainy/dreary out...perfect day to stay inside, organize, clean, snuggle with James all while in your PJ's. Just wish Ryan could join us. :)
The past few days, i have been completely overwhelmed by God's blessings!
With baby Adam coming in just a few quick months, my mind has been going crazy about all we need to get and do before he arrives. I have probably made 15 different lists (i'm a list person). One blessing is that Adam is a boy. We have pretty much all the clothes he will need as well as boy stuff. I know if we were having a girl, we would probably be going a little more crazy. haha.
This past month, Ryan and i made a commitment at our church to tithe (90 day challenge). We have always given when felt led to or just gave to others around us, but never consistently tithed. We always kind of had a hard time with the whole 10% deal that is mentioned in the Bible. We just never understood it and why 10%? God really spoke to us making us realized it's not about the number per say, but about fully relying and trusting in Him to provide. Which He has! Our whole married life has been such a huge testimony of God's provision. So why wouldn't we give what He asks of us? It should be a no brainer, right? We have studied about money in the Bible and how easy it is to make money an idle. Not necessarily "worshiping" money but completely relying on it and having it determine how your moods/stress is. (we have done that a lot) With a baby on the way and Ryan's job situation up in the air, we really hesitated in taking this huge step. We could have listed out all the pros and cons of it all. We could play it safe and "responsible" by clinging/holding onto our money so we will be sure to pay off baby bills and all, but where would our faith come into play? We have found that we as parents, really want to teach our kids by example. Trusting God with every area of our lives. By taking this step does not mean that we are not going to face hard and difficult times ahead...they are almost certain to come with the way the economy is...but to show our kids that even when things all around are hard we can still trust the Lord with everything. So, for us, we just felt like this was the step that we needed to take as a family. I am so proud of my husband for stepping up and being the "head" of our home. I have always kind of been the financial one in the marriage (i'm the daughter of an accountant...it's in my blood i guess). But Ryan has amazed me with his heart for the Lord and our family! So there's another blessing - my husband! haha.
Needless to say these next few months to a year are going to be full of changes for us. But i'm believing that they are going to be good for us - strengthen our family. The month of May in itself is going to be filled with new things - our 90 day tithe challenge ends then, Ryan graduates from college, and baby Adam comes! So exciting.
In preparation for Adam's arrival, we had two big things we needed to purchase - a breast pump for me and a double stroller. Tuesday night at my women's Bible group, a friend of mine offered to let me borrow her breast pump! All i need to get now is the tubing! Which will not be that much. And last night, we went to Ryan's granny's house and his sister Katie had a double stroller (only used once) that she didn't want. She gave it to us! It is so nice! I was completely blown away!
After we left Granny's, i had a Dr. appointment at 8pm last night. Adam is now head down (Still low though) and his beautiful heart rate is perfect - and my glucose test was perfect as well! I could not be happier!
I am so thankful this morning! I keep thinking of "every good and perfect gift comes from above."
So, everyone, take some time today and look at all of the things you are thankful for! (make a list) I'm sure you will be overwhelmed as well! We always have something to be thankful for!

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