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Saturday, June 30, 2012

My 2nd Birth Story

Well, i am not pregnant anymore!  Adam Mark Burkart came into our little world on May 24th at 1:40am.  He almost made his due date, which was the 23rd. I could not have asked for a more easy delivery.  Labor...that's another story. haha. I will try my best to tell all about this amazing experience...bear with me, i am a little sleep deprived. :) It's also amazing how it already seems like it has been months since this has all happened.  A baby and a toddler do that to you. 

My whole pregnancy i was very determined not to be induced.  With James i was, and althougth the labor was fairly easy, it did not feel natural to me at all.  I wanted my body to just do what nature intended it to do.  Pretty much the whole last month, i was walking and walking.  I would occasionally stir up some contractions, but nothing big.  I looked up and was given advice on how to naturally induce labor.  Some ideas were far out and even disgusting.  Others...i tried. haha.  I tried my own ideas on myself...and they worked.  Skyline, Skipping, and Sex!  Not long after i tried all 3 of those (along with lots of walking), i was starting to have more consistent contractions and the "bloody show."  
On the 23rd, that morning, i had a lot of blood and cramping.  Ryan and i went to the hospital just to make sure everything was okay.  After over an hour of being monitored and having my cervix checked, everything was fine.  I was only about 2-3 cm dilated.  We were a little bummed considering that day was Adam's due date, but knowing he was okay gave us peace of mind.  So with that, we went home.  (little did i know, i was going into real labor) Around lunch time, Ryan went back to work, and James and i went over to my mom's house.  (i love walking in their neighborhood - quiet and country) I walked quite a bit and tried to rest while James was napping.  Then...the contractions became much stronger...and a little more painful.  My mom and i began to time the contractions, and they were getting more consistent and closer together.  After James woke up from his nap, we headed home.  I did not think i was going to make it driving - the contractions were so strong that i almost had to stop the car a couple of times.  Eventually we made it home and i was in active labor.  Ryan hurried home and called his Aunt Jen to come watch James for us as i called my mom to hurry on over.  I stayed home as long as i could stand it - i did not want to be in that hospital until it was necessary.  I walked a few more times, took a quick shower, packed, and continued to breathe through those awful labor pains.  Once Ryan saw that i was barely able to talk through any contractions, we headed to the hospital (once his Aunt got there)  As soon as we arrived at the hospital, my contractions started to die off.  'No!' I thought.  I wanted this to happen tonight!  For an hour and a half, i walked and walked around the hospital parking lot until i was not able to really stand anymore.  My Dr. was already starting her shift which was perfect timing!  They got me all ready for IVs and had my blood drawn and my dr. stripped my membranes.  Instead of going ahead and getting my epidural, they had me walk up and down the hospital halls for over an hour until i could not walk anymore.  By the time i was ready for an epidural i was 7-8 cm dilated and my contractions were 2minutes apart.  It was painful! They made the orders for my epidural, but were not able to get it right away because a nurse had lost the blood they had taken out of me - so they had to draw more blood out and i had to wait almost 45 minutes for the epidural...i did not think i was going to make it. haha. 

   This is my smiling face 
when i found 
out the epidural was on the way.
Getting an epidural is always a little nerve wrecking. They make everyone leave except for you, the nurse, and the anethesiologist. Because my contractions were so close together, it was hard holding still while they put it in. Once the epidural was in and working (thank the Lord!) i was able to relax for just a bit.  It was not long after that it came time to push.  My doctor is simply amazing!  She did not rush me or do an episiotomy just to hurry the whole process.  It was so peaceful.  We just talked in between pushes. haha.  I even watched it ALL with a mirror - that was actually really neat.  I pushed for a little over 30 minutes...and then little Adam popped out!  He gave his loud cry just to let me know he was okay and well.  They wrapped him in a towel and placed him on my chest.  

That moment is so special...i did not get to have that with James because of my complications...so i wanted to take every moment in that i could with Adam.  Once Ryan had cut his cord, they whisked him away to be weighed.  The boy was 8lbs 4oz!

  He was a big baby for my petite body.  All i could think, 'Oh no, what damage has been done to my body?'  Because of God's great goodness, i did not have one single stitch!  No tears and no repairs!  Once Adam was all cleaned up, they brought him back to me.  Holding my 2nd baby boy while thinking of my other baby boy at home...i was so overwhelmed, terrified, and completely happy all at the same time.  

Now, 5 weeks later, i am up and moving without any problems.  Adam is thriving - he is now 12lbs and 23 inches! (our little chubsy!)  James is so in love with his little brother.  He says phrases like "he's so cute!" and "I'm big brother."  I am settling into my role as a mother of two boys.  It has been hard and demands sacrifice of my time, energy, and self.  Seeing our growing family, makes every moment worth it!

Psalm 127:3

New Living Translation (NLT)
Children are a gift from the Lord;
    they are a reward from him.

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