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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Taking TIme To Teach

It has been a little over 6 weeks since Adam was born...and now i am starting to be able to focus on more than just the art of surviving. After having a baby, you just do all you can to get through that first week.  Then you become a little braver and strive to make it through the first month.  After that, you are getting settled into your own little family routine and start acting a little more normal instead of an overly tired zombie.  
The past month or so, i have put all "teaching" on hold.  Meaning, i have not really taken time out to teach James anything new or really allow him to experience anything new.  Becoming a big brother was a huge experience all in itself.  
This past weekend, we really wanted to try to start teaching James about giving and sharing.  (he has had a hard time sharing lately...ever since Adam came. haha)
For a few months, we have rewarded James with change - pennies, quarters, etc.  Some times when he cleans up his toys, helps clean up his plate from meals, or when he does some kind of act of kindness we give him some change to put in his little bank.  We told him that when he had enough money he could pick himself out a prize and pick out something to give someone else.  He loved that idea!  
He had stored up about $5.  Before we left to go to the dollar store, i had him tell me people who he loves and would like to buy a gift for.  I wrote each name down on pieces of paper and put them in a bowl so he could pick out a name randomly.  He wanted to pick two.  The first two he picked were Gammy and Papa.

  Off to the dollar store we went.  (he was so cute carrying his little bag of change.  (i wish i would have taken my camera!) He picked out a car for himself and then picked out a huge orange flower for Gammy.  I love that he picked that out for her.  I let him pick out whatever he wanted to for them - it makes it so much for fun...and funny!  For Papa he was trying to decide between a bag of green rocks and headphones. haha!  He decided on the headphones.  

When we checked out, i let him hand his money to the clerk.  He looked so proud walking out with his bag of gifts.
That afternoon, i let him wrap the presents up in tissue paper and tape.  
It was so cute.  I am not sure if he understood any of it, but i wanted to teach and keep on teaching him how important it is to give.

Today my little men were being so cute together.  James loves to make Adam laugh.

The other week, i went to a wedding shower.  One of the gifts that she had gotten was a book called Sacred Marriage.  It sounded interesting so i am giving it a shot.  I just started it and will try to blog about it soon. :) Have a happy day everyone!

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