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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Thankful Crafting

This is a not so serious blog post.  I guess i have gotten spring fever.  I have had sudden urges to organize, clean, craft, and decorate lately.  We have been so blessed our whole marriage about furniture.  When we were first married...literally all we had was a tv, couch, and Ryan's old bigger half of his child hood bunk bed. haha!  Out of no where family and friends blessed us with so much furniture.  It's been 5 years...and we are still getting blessed by people.
Recently, a friend of my family gave us a nice desk (which we were in need of).  If you know Ryan and i we love to make things our own. We decided to paint it gray.  (i wish i had before pics)
It came out pretty good. I love the desk! It's so roomy...and beats using a table.  :)
We had left over gray paint from the desk, and i have wanted to paint our bedside table for a long time! It was a darker kind of uglier fake wood brown color. haha. But now, i think i like it. (the boy's books are in our room because we have been reading them books in our bed lately)...but i think occasionally Ryan likes to read some Curious George to himself. haha.
My mom and i finally had a mother daughter outing a week ago.  That happens very rarely.  We made a trip to the ever addictive Hobby Lobby.  I found a half a yard of fabric in the clearance bin for $3.  I have been wanting to sew a pillow cover onto our pillow on the couch to bring some more color.  The fabric was great because it brought out the gray/blue from our kitchen into the living room.  I just sewed the fabric over the red pillow we had. I did not have a sewing machine...so it took me quite a while.

Next, was just a fun little crafty thing.  I had a picture frame that had been sitting in our closet for months now.  I painted it then glued a pressed flower (that Ryan had given me for one our date nights) onto some cool scrapbook paper.  It's cute...but i hope the flower doesnt fall apart. haha!
I am so thankful for all that has been provided for us and more.  Even when there are days of stressing about money...God still provides in other ways that are more important - a healthy family, joyful boys, a stable marriage, and a home for us to grow in.

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