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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Birthdays, Visits, Family, and Crafts

Wow.  It has been a whirlwind since i last posted.  Have you ever felt one week things are slow, hum drum...kind of like nothing is going on?  And then the next week everything somehow is all in that same week?  I had one of those last week.
On saturday, we (Ryan's family) threw Mamaw Burkart a surprise birthday party.  That woman is such a special lady.  So strong, courageous, and always faithful.  The love that she has for life is shown through her family...all a reflection of her love.  She has been my "kentucky" mamaw since i was married into the family.  It is such a blessing to still feel like i have a grandmother here on this earth.
I helped out with the party on top of making a video for her of pictures and also other videos from family members saying how much they love her in their own unique way.  It was a hoot!
The party was very lovely...just like her.
My cousin-in-law, Krystal, helped out and gave a magic touch. We were able to get it all done in time.

My friend Rebecca, lent me her diy chalkboard that was really cute!

The centerpieces were old salsa, pasta sauce, and baby food jars that i had kept.  Tied some straw, burlap, and ribbon to make it cute. (the B stands for Billie or for Burkart)

The pieces of wood is actually from our Christmas tree this past year.  it gave it a nice touch. :)

It was a good time celebrating mamaw.  I know she just loved being surrounded by her family.

The Family

The girls...plus James. haha!

On top of the party, Ryan's dad made a surprise visit from Vermont.  He stayed with us while he was in town.  The boys loved it!  We already miss our Pawpaw, but so glad he came!

We also started a new home group through church called Pathways.  Tonight we really start to get into it.  I've already learned a lot just by reading the devotional that came along with it.  When things seem out of control or when you feel as though there is "no point" or "no hope"...we need to STOP, Be STILL, and SEEK Him.  It is a hard thing to do...it's so hard for me to do and not get wrapped up in emotions.  I am excited to see what God is going to do in our lives as individuals and as a church. :)

I think crafting has become a little reprieve for me lately.  It is something that i love doing because there is a start and a finish.  It is relaxing to me.
Here are a few things that i and Ryan have been working on:

We had extra wood and paint from last year and made this little front porch beauty.

I am a Carolina girl - this seemed appropriate. :) I found some old wood in the garage and painted it. Going to try to transform our downstairs bathroom into a little beachy theme.  I have seashells from the beach that may spruce it up a bit.

All this stuff i had randomly around the house and thought it would look better on the mantle.

The valance i had before was black.  i love color...so that is why i chose this..to bring more color into the kitchen.

A while back, i had accidentally dropped my wedding rings into the toilet.  I am so nervous about losing my rings especially around the kitchen sink.  I made this - a little frame from hobby lobby, scrapbook paper, and a push pin to hold my rings.  I hung it near the kitchen sink so i can take them off when i do the dishes.  

I hope everyone is doing wonderful and having a great week...enjoy the beautiful weather!!!

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