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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Building A Bedside Table

Over last weekend, my hubby was out of town in Vermont - for his brother's graduation.  I was left at home with our two sons.  I've been alone before while Ryan was in the military and school...but never with 2 kids. haha!  For some reason i was nervous.  My parents invited me and the boys to stay at their house for the weekend...i gladly said YES.
While we stayed there, i wanted to work on Ryan's father's day project.  Ryan does not have a bedside table - i took the only one that we had for my own use when Adam was a newborn - late night feedings/changings.  Since then Ryan has had his lamp sitting on the floor and puts his phone on top of the lamp.  Every morning was the same thing - his alarm on his phone would ring, he'd accidently hit the phone off onto the floor, and then he would begin his loud search for it. haha!  I knew he needed a bedside table.
I have never used a nail gun nor a table saw before...so my daddy was so kind to help me.  He cut the wood for me and guided me through every step.  My dad is such an amazing carpenter!  Pretty much all the furniture in my parent's house...he has built.  He's awesome!
Not only was it great that my dad was helping me out, but that i got some one on one time with him.  That doesn't happen a lot.

The wood before we started.

Using the nail gun (I loved it!)

Almost done!

My daddy and i with the finished product

Painted the table gray to match our other one.  My mom kept me company and helped me paint.

So now, ryan's phone, lamp, and bible rest on this simple little table.  No more fumbling around in the mornings anymore.
It was so much fun!  I am ready to build something else.
Thank you daddy for all your help and patience. :)

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