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Thursday, April 3, 2014

For My Husband

This is not going to be a deep revelation type of blog post....i am sleep deprived.  Adam has been sick all week with the croup and a virus = tight lungs = breathing treatments = a little worried mama.  Thankfully, he is on the mend and breathing so much better! 

A friend of mine, from our church mommy group, has been doing an awesome challenge on her blog - about marriage.  Today was about speaking positively about your husband.... 
Find it at - http://chucksandpigtails.com/

So I wanted to take a minute...a blog post...to brag on my husband a little bit.  That man, especially this past exhausting week, has reminded me how blessed i am.  
I am no longer working outside of the house all because of my man.  He has taken a step into doing something he has always wanted to do, which has allowed me to stay at home with the boys.  I am so grateful to not have to rush around and pass off the boys back and forth with him.  i am thankful to have our Sundays back as a family.  I am able to actually cook more meals for our family...and we can eat together!  All because of his hard work.

This past week, like i said, was very tiring for me.  i had mentioned to him in passing a few times earlier that i would love to get away for a while.  A little vacation for just us two...and even with the boys. 

One night this week, after the boys were asleep, my husband had lit candles in the living room and turned on a Netflix movie on Beaches/Oceans.  He asked me if i could get away with him for a little bit. I know it sounds cheesy, but it was so sweet!!  I felt so relaxed and refreshed to take on the long night ahead.  Yes, i was having an exhausting week with a sick little one, but he was also having a long hard week with work, school and side jobs (flipping houses).  Yet, he still took time out to do that for me.  I didn't deserve it.  I am sure i probably complained about my lack of sleep time and time again, but he still did that.  It was so nice to just sit and talk with my husband with a "beach" in view. haha.

My husband is my reminder of God's goodness and love. 

He works so hard for our family day in and day out.

Here is a Tile Project he had been working on all week! (a kitchen, dining room, and bathroom)

Because of the love and dedication of that man, i am able to spend days like this with our boys.

 Even through the business and tiresome work, my husband still makes sure he kisses the boys good night for bed. 

My husband is not superman.  He gets bumps, bruises, tired, worried, drained, sick, angry, annoyed...you name it.  I didn't marry him because i thought he could fix everything or could take on the entire world.  I simply married him...because i enjoy that man so much despite his flaws.  
I love that he is my best friend. 
I love that i get to see his face before i go to sleep and before i get out of bed.
I love the fact that he gets annoyed at me for eating the raisins out of the Raisin Nut Bran box. haha!
I love that he is so creative with our boys.
I love that he puts aside his wants daily so our needs can be met. 
I love that he gets my sense of humor...sometimes. haha.
I love that i am the one that gets to see his true genuine smile. 
I love how attractive he is.
I love it when i hear him working out downstairs - that he is exercising to worship music.
I love that i don't have to worry or fear about his leading for our family.
I love that he is excited to come home.
I love that our boys scream "Daddy's home!" when they hear the garage door.
I love his compassionate heart.
I love the fact that he is not perfect and gladly admits it.
I love that on his worst days he seeks the Lord.
I love that on his best days he is thanking the Lord.

I love my husband. 

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