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Sunday, June 8, 2014

Celebrate Life

This weekend was spent celebrating life...in two different ways.
We had a family get together Friday for Adam's 2nd birthday.  It was a wonderful...beautiful night out...perfect for a little birthday party.
I did a simple theme of the Hungry Caterpillar - Adam's favorite book...i think he loves it because of all the pictures of food in it.
I am so thankful to be Adam's mommy.  He makes me laugh everyday!  he also challenges and stretches me in ways i never thought were possible.  Thank you Lord for such a precious babe!
Here are a few pictures of the night:

From the time i started planning his party...God has really been speaking to my heart about celebrating life.  We don't need balloons, cake, and presents to have a reason to celebrate.  Celebration should not just come out of us during holidays.  It should be an ongoing way of life.  Every day is a gift that is meant to be recognized and celebrated.
I want to celebrate my kids by waking up excited to see their sweet faces.  I want to celebrate my husband with extra kisses and words that build him up.  I want to be able to take in simple moments with thankfulness.

Celebrate means - "do something enjoyable to mark such an occasion."

My challenge for myself (which i know will be extra challenging when hard times come, whiney kids surface, or hormones come unannounced) to do enjoyable things....to celebrate my life....to celebrate those that i love.

Most of these thoughts have been brought on by a little angel....Nora Rose.  I was so humbled and honored to be able to go to her funeral yesterday.  Despite the family's loss, they continued to celebrate her sweet 2 year old life.  I have never witnessed a more brave...more faith-filled set of parents.  So selfless.  Yesterday was Aleisa's (Nora's mother) birthday too. The service was beautiful as well as the many tributes and words spoken.

Nora's amazing mother documented everything on her blog.  From Nora's milestones and struggles to her own struggles and "God winks."  I started reading her blog when i was pregnant with Adam. (they were born about a month apart)  Aleisa's words challenged my faith and trust in the Lord.  I would look forward to reading her blog and seeing moments captured of Nora.  (Nora had such a way about making others smile)
Her blog made me realize more and more the importance of prayer.  She also taught me about celebrating little moments...especially with our kids.
Aleisa and William took in every moment with Nora.  They held onto every smile, every giggle, every odd she defied.  They had no idea how long they would have with their little girl.
Shouldn't we be the same way?  We have no idea how long we have left on this world...shouldn't we be celebrating life just a little more?  Shouldn't we be taking in simple and special moments of our kids and loved ones more?  Shouldn't we be worshiping the Lord through thankful hearts more?
I have been so challenged by this amazing family and that little 2 year old.
In the 2 years she was here, she reached more people than most do in a lifetime.
Please continue to pray for this wonderful family during this difficult time.
If you would like to read more about this incredible little one, please visit Aleisa's blog:


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