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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Hello 2nd Trimester!

James is napping and i just finished my little prenatal workout....time to blog!
I am very excited! Tonight, i have a baby dr's appointment! I am hoping that we will be able to hear the precious heartbeat again. Being pregnant is really the only time i enjoy going to the doctor - plus i love my doctor!
I will be 16 weeks along tomorrow, which means only 2 weeks till we find out the sex! The anxiousness is killing me....it's kind of funny because my bible study group is reading a book called "calm my anxious heart." Kind of fitting, eh? haha. Anyways, i honestly have no stinkin clue what this child is. Morning sickness was a little rougher this time around and i was exhausted all the time. But could all that be due to having a toddler on top of being pregnant?
Lots of people are asking me what i would like to have, boy or a girl? Of course, i would love a girl - to dress her up in bows and actually buy cute little girl outfits that i see everytime i try to find something cute for james to wear. (lets face it, girls sections always have more clothes compared to the boys sections) If we had a girl, i could see me taking her on mother daughter outings. She and her daddy would go on dates together while james and i had a date together. I can see James being the big protective older brother. I have always been outnumbered by men throughout my life. I have 3 brothers....i had always wished for a sister, but as i grew up i would not have changed it for the world! And that brings me to the other conclusion - if it's a boy, James would have a little buddy, I could see both boys helping their daddy "build" in the garage. i have loved having a boy! And i wouldn't mind having another one. The love that sons have for their mothers is so precious! And how they look up to their fathers is such a wonderful sight for a mom to see. So as you can tell, i am good either way! It comes down to what the Lord feels is best for our family. Either way this child will be spoiled with love, for sure.
I just want to be able to put a name to the face, you know?
Our main priority and prayer is for the baby to be healthy. That has been my prayer from day one.
We do have a long hard road ahead handling a baby and a toddler. It will be new, exciting, and scary. haha.
I just can't wait to see this little bundle.
Here are a few pics of preggo belly from the end of the 3rd month:

Hello 2nd Trimester! I made it!

I am hungry, haha, i am going to grab a snack while i can (james always wants what i am eating). Have a happy day!

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  1. You look absolutely gorgeous =) I am so happy for you guys and cannot wait to hear if it's a girl or boy either!! Miss & love you!!