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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Crafty Crafts

Dinner is in the oven...i don't have much time to blog, but if i don't do it now...i won't. haha.
I love doing crafts and learning how to do creative things...especially for the home. I have become an addict to Pinterest and all the crazy amazing ideas on there. Though mine do not compare to the ones on Pinterest, i still had fun doing them.

I painted this - i want to try to make a bigger one and with different colors that match our bedroom.

I love lacy things! I saw this on pinterest as well. I used what i already had around the house. The people who lived in our house before us left some lace curtains - since i knew that by being married to Ryan we would never have laced curtains hanging in our house, i cut some pieces off and glued them to an empty mason jar. I found a tea candle and put in there. It looks better with the candle lit. What i did not have was frost spray paint - it gives it a better affect.

Last week, Ryan brought james home a big surprise (an early Christmas gift) a Train that moves! James was in shock and so excited! he was a little bummed at first because he could not push the main train around - that would basically break it. We eventually put it around our Christmas tree and we turn it on everyday. haha. (it's loud! i don't think Ryan knew how loud it was haha) But it was such a sweet moment for both James and Ryan.

And now i just have to post a couple pics of my cute doodlebug! We got him a new winter hat from Old Navy for $8! He loves it!

Say Cheese!

I just love my boys! I'll post more about baby #2 updates soon! Love y'all!

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