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Monday, December 19, 2011

Finding Things to Keep Me Busy...Christmas will do!

Well, the week has finally come! We find out the sex of the baby Thursday! I have lost sleep because of the anticipation...i know crazy. I should be enjoying this time of sleep before the baby arrives.
I just want to make sure everything is okay with the baby. The sex is important, of course, but i know whatever it is we will love! With James' pregnancy i had 5 ultrasounds - nothing was wrong - my doctor had an ultrasound machine in her office, so almost everytime we went for a checkup she would give us an ultrasound. This time we have only had one, and that was way back when we found out we were pregnant. So i am ready to see this baby!
Of course James and regularity of keeping up the house, i do keep busy. But with the ultrasound nearing, i have needed things to take it off my mind. So with Christmas here, that has helped. I have done some Christmas craft gifts once again.

For my mom, (found on Pinterest) I made her a Grandkids plaque - where she can hang pictures of her grand kids.

At first we tried to spray paint with stencils for the letters...it kept smudging and did not look great. Even though it took a long time, i printed of letters from our computer, cut them out, painted them, and mod podged them on the wooden plaque. It turned out really well! The clips for the pictures are just clothes pins. (i found some at the dollar store) i painted them white then hot glued on ribbon and buttons.
I also made some clothes pins and glued magnets on the back. They are great to hang up pictures or mail on the refrigerator.

For my nieces, i made a little bag with a christmas tree made out of ribbon. I just hot glued the ribbon on. I found this on pinterest - they made the tree on shirts, but i couldn't find shirts in the right size. Inside the bag i made bracelets and an ornament with their names on it. As you can tell, there is no ornament in the bag. Our lovely dog rocky, decided to chow down on presents the other night while we were away. Thus resulted in no ornaments. So i just put candy in there instead. haha.

Over the weekend, James and i baked Christmas cookies for our Kentucky Christmas. (we celebrated ours early, because we'll be in NC for Christmas) He loves cookie batter! And he was such a cute mess "helping" me.

Well, i am hungry once again and need to go do some prenatal workout before the kiddo wakes up! I will be posting soon! :) Love to you all!

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