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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Crafty Day!

~Conversation Candy Heart Decor For Valentines~
I found wooden hearts for 1.47 at Hobby Lobby
I just used pastel acrylic paint
The letters were actually wooden letters that i had bought a while back that worked great for this
I hot glued the ribbon on the back (which will be great to add on whenever we have more kids or if i want to add mine and Ryan's name)
*You can do names or sayings exactly from conversation heart candy if you wish*

It turned out great except that Adam's name is a bit lopsided..oops. I am also contemplating going back and painting the letters PINK - because that's what color the words are on the candy.

*Front Door Wreath*
Our front door as well as our porch is pretty bare.
I got a styrofoam wreath, black yarn, white felt, and the letter B from Walmart
It took at while to wrap the yarn around the wreath - i hot glued the beginning strand and the ending strand
I pinned on the flowers i made from the white felt
I took some black ribbon to hold up the Letter B on the wreath

It was fun to make! I want to try and make another one with more colors - i chose black and white because it was simple and our kitchen is red black and white.

James also got his craft on today.
At Walmart they had a little bin in the craft section full of wooden things...he of course picked the car out.
I let him use watercolor paint - he loves to paint!

Take advantage of the cold weather and get your craft on! :)

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