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Friday, August 17, 2012

Somewhere Over the Rainbow

James has been...well...obsessed about rainbows lately.  (cutely obsessed) Last week we had gone to the Florence Freedom game - it was for military families.  As we were leaving the ball game, it had started to rain.  After we loaded up the kids, there was a huge, beautiful rainbow in the sky.  This was the first real rainbow that James had ever seen.  He was so excited, because we had been reading a book (that used to be mine) called Rachel's Rainbow.  He was able to see it in the sky until we drove closer to home.  
The next few days, James kept asking "Where's my rainbow?" I tried to figure out ways to tell him (in toddler words) how you need rain and sunshine.  It was not really registering.  Pretty much after i would try to explain the whole "rainbow" process to him he would then ask again "where's my rainbow?" haha!
I figured out an easy way to make him one that does not require rain.  All you need is the sunshine (or light) and a CD.
On the CD i wrote "James' Rainbow."
The morning i gave it to him, the sun was beaming in through the kitchen window onto the floor.  I made him sit on the floor and put the CD in direct sunlight and there was a beautiful rainbow on our ceiling.

James' CD in the Sunlight

The Beautiful Rainbow on the Ceiling

He Could Not Believe He Was Touching a Rainbow

Now James can see his "rainbow" anytime.

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