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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Celebrate and Enjoy

Well hello there.
Here i am again updating...and i am a few weeks behind.  I am behind on all of the technology trinkets and gadgets.  I don't have an iphone.  I still have a regular sprint phone that can text and make calls...i cannot get on the internet whenever i want.  Which is probably a good thing for me, i would be tempted to be on it all the time...and waste precious moments with my boys.
Today for example, turned out to be just an "enjoyment" day.  The day is beautiful, chilly, but beautiful.  I was able to get a few pictures of the boys...which i can never seem to get enough. :)

James enjoying the weather!

Sweet Brothers

Enjoying the day outside together

Yesterday, Adam turned 11 months!  11 months ago, my mind was everywhere - getting all prepared for his arrival.  The moments i remember the most about being pregnant with Adam was - after i put james down for his nap, i would go into our bedroom and sit in the rocking chair by the window.  I had everything around me that i needed - my ipod, a snack, my handy water bottle, my bible, and the sunshine.  Those moments were so peaceful and prepared me so much more than any mothering class or book ever could.  Feeling his sweet little kicks.  Feeling him move when i would let him listen to music.  Even feeling him sleep as i read to him.  I am so thankful for those sweet moments with my baby.  It is so amazing what all little ones remember and can actually hear when they are in the womb.  I would always sing "you are my sunshine" to him while i rocked in that rocking chair.  Do you know, that has been the only song (since he was born) to really soothe him when he is crying?  So amazing.
And that is what Adam has been to our little family - a ray of "sunshine" in our lives.
I'm so thankful for this little bundle...who always wants to eat! :)

A couple of weeks ago, we celebrated my birthday.  After becoming a mommy, your birthdays tend to disappear a little bit.  Though my birthday started out like every other day - taking the boys to get our weekly groceries, it was wonderful.  The night before, Ryan took me to the Chris Tomlin concert.  It was so good!  It was refreshing and oh so nice to have alone time with Ryan.  Friday night, my mom took me out for dinner and shopping.  I am usually not a big shopper, but it was so nice.  I felt very spoiled.  Saturday, after church, we went out to Mcalisters with the family for dinner.  Sunday, we enjoyed the weather as a family and Ryan cooked an amazing meal for me.  I felt very celebrated and very thankful.  To be able to look back on my previous birthdays and just stand in amazement of how much God has blessed me!
Lots of wonderful things have happened on my birthday over the years.
Ryan proposed to me on my 21st birthday
We found out James' sex around my birthday
And last year on my birthday, i was given a 4D ultrasound of Adam...and preparing for him.
Those may not seem like much, but i feel so satisfied.
That is my dare for you today - celebrate your life!  It doesn't have to be your birthday to enjoy yourself, your family, or your life.  Think back on your life and find the little things that you want to celebrate.

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