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Monday, January 6, 2014

James' Preschool Christmas Performance

Yes, i am that mother who cries at every milestone that her kids have.  I cried when both my boys first smiled.  I cried when they crawled, walked, talked, and when they had massive blow up pooh that somehow managed to always get everywhere except the diaper. haha. (there has to be some sort of emotion in a household full of boys, right?)  I cried when i took James to his first day of Preschool.  While i do LOVE having just 1 child to be responsible for...for a couple of hours, it still breaks my heart that i am not with him. 
james' Preschool put together a Christmas program for the families to come watch.  james' class sang a few songs.  When i saw him walk out on that stage...tears yet again welled up in my eyes.  Though it is so so so so hard teaching, loving, leading, guiding my babies sometimes......it is such a privelege to be able to watch them grow. 
James was such a cutie.....and a stinker - he pretended to yawn in between songs. haha!  He usually does that so he won't smile.  Once he saw us in the audience....he practically sang to us.  It was so sweet.

The classes did great.  I am really thankful for all the wonderful ladies that work in that Preschool!

We also had Adam with us.  He used to be my sit as still as a rock snuggler boy.  Since he figured out that his chubby legs could take him places.......he prefers to be on the go......ALL THE TIME.  He lasted for James' class, but was ready to go for the others.  We took him into the hallway to run it off, but he decided to dance instead.

I am so thankful for moments like that day......where i was able to sit back and really see our boys growing. 
I'll post about our Christmas soon! 

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