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Friday, January 31, 2014

Thankful Thursday...in Pictures and Words

 I'm so thankful for these two faces that i get to see everyday! I went into motherhood thinking that i would be teaching my children so much, but i really feel like i have learned so much from them.  They have shown me just how selfish i am with my time, energy. 
I have had a wake up call about spending time on the Internet with them around.  The Internet has become a means of an escape or even a connection to the "outside" world that is beyond our house walls.  While i was "connected," i have been losing connection with my boys.  I found myself getting irritated from them following every step i would take.  For them barging in on "my" time.  Yelling and deep sighs were all my boys had been getting from me all week. Almost every night i would lie my head down in guilt over how i acted that day.
Yet, despite my yelling and easily angered attitude....they still desired to be around me.  They have so much grace and love.  James would ask me to "snuggle" with him.  Adam would bring his favorite book over and motion to sit on my lap.  It just hit me....how loved am i. 
Most (i) look for outside approval or recognition to feel good about themselves.  The fact that my kids have and will see me at my worst....and still have so much love for me....is just completely mind boggling. 
I am thankful for my kid's love.  I am also so thankful for God's mercy....and that it is new every morning!

I am so  so so so thankful for 7 Hills Church Motherhood Group.  Every time i leave so refreshed and desiring to get into the Word and focus on who God created me to be.  Every single mommy in there are so awesome, accepting, and encouraging. 
Last night we had an awesome speaker come and give her testimony and encouragement.  I wish i would have recorded everything she said.
But the thing that stood out to me was - "it is not your circumstances that matter, but your reaction."  Our reaction to our obstacles/circumstances are what really matter more than the obstacles/circumstances themselves.  There were so many awesome things she said.  She talked on perfectionism as a mom....lose it!  I have found that i am a perfectionist....i am learning to let that go especially with my kids.  I thought if i messed up or failed than that meant i am a horrible mom...no it just means i am human and that there is room for God to come in and do His mighty work through me.

I am thankful for house projects that don't cost much money...and that i get to do them with my hubby.

Our Stairs Before

AND AFTER (We also painted the gold walls on the stairs yay!

And our Dresser turned entertainment stand. The one we had before we had bought at Big Lots right after James was born.  Well, when i was pregnant with Adam i would do my workouts using it - triceps dips and just to sit down.  Well, sadly i will admit, it bowed in the middle where i would sit and exercise on it. haha! Hence, why we decided to do this.


I am continually thankful for having my family here from NC.
 Such a special family.

And lastly, i am thankful for sweet little surprises from my husband....and date nights!

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