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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Smiling and Rejoicing

I had to post these pictures because this rarely happens.  1) the boys falling asleep at the same time in the same place and 2) i always make them sleep in their own beds....i need my time.
This is day 3 of being stranded inside from the freezing cold temp.  James has been off school all week, which i did not mind - i don't like going out in the cold. :)  So....you can imagine the cabin fever felt within our home.
All week i've been trying to busy myself and the boys to not go completely insane.  Cleaning, laundry, obstacle courses for the boys, TV....you name it.  In the midst of putting off the vibe that i was a superb mother and housewife, my attitude reflected stress.  I'll be honest, i cannot even count the number of times that i yelled at my poor boys.  I found myself losing it and hanging onto every minute that drew me closer to nap time.
We did manage to get out the house for a bit last night to the library.  We walked in like we were such a loving and united family, while not even an hour before was spent with a yelling 1 year old throwing food on the ground and trying to force feed a 4 year old his dinner all while trying to have an adult conversation with my husband. haha! 
So there we were, making our way into the library, greeting the librarians with very sweet smiles and nice conversation.  Then it hit me.  Wow....i was a nicer person to a random stranger than i was to my own kids. 
For some reason i feel like we (I), go out of our way to be nice to others outside of our home more than we do to those who we love more than the whole world........who we prayed for.  Who God blessed us with. 
This morning i woke up feeling very tired and not so well - i've had some issues going on physically the past month.  Instead of getting up an hour before the boys do, i drug myself out of bed about 15 minutes before they woke up. In my head i was thinking "great, this is going to be a great day." (Sarcastically) 
I had enough time to read a little devotional (thanks to my hubby who got the boy's breakfast ready for me before he left for work). 
The title of the Devotion was - "Rejoice Today." The devotion went on to say how important it is to start your day rejoicing and to be thankful to the Lord in the morning. 

Psalm 118:24

New Living Translation (NLT)
24 This is the day the Lord has made.
    We will rejoice and be glad in it.

Instead of worrying, stressing, and wishing the day away......i want to be a woman who "rejoices" for each new day.  Even if it is spent being cooped up in my home with my wild boys.
Before i went up to get my boys, maybe it was fatigue, but i really felt the Holy Spirit saying to take it easy and enjoy my boys today.  To not busy myself and even them......to just simply be with them today.  
My boys are still napping right now as i am typing......the day seemed so much better than the others - not a lot got done, but i was not filled with stress or constantly yelling.  
The story behind the top pictures - before putting the boys to bed, i let them crawl into ours for books.  They always think it's a real treat to get in mommy and daddy's bed.......because it is usually off limits! haha!  With kids, the bedroom at night may be our only place and time for Ryan and i to be alone together.  
The boys fell asleep while i read books.......and that usually never happens.  
I think my boys knew i needed that.......it was very therapeutic for me.  To hold 2 of the people that i love the most........and just be still.  

While everyone is creating and attempting their new year resolutions, i have been thinking about what i would like to do.  There are so many things!  There are so many things that i am fasting and praying for this year.
Right now, i know that i want to be nicer.......smile more to those within my home and REJOICE everyday. 

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