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Saturday, June 12, 2010

5k run

My husband signed us both up for a 5k race in Covington. I was so excited...but very nervous. THe last time that i had ran was before i was pregnant. I knew this was going to be a challenge.
This morning, i woke up to the alarm and also the sound of heavy rain beating against our roof. Ryan and i just looked at each other and laughed, knowing that we would be running in the rain. My first thoughts were, 'maybe there won't be a lot of people there...and i could actually stand a chance at winning.' When we arrived at the race spot, there were surprisingly a lot of people there. Dedicated Runners. I had to make a more realistic goal - finish the race.
All of the runners crowded around the starting line waiting for them to tell us to run. It was a little scary - you basically are stampeded by other runners trying to get ahead of you. Ryan held onto my hand until we made it out of the crowd. THen began our 3.2 mile run. Did i mention that the entire time we were running it was pouring rain. That made it a little more harder but also more invigorating. At one point i stepped into a huge puddle of water and had water all in my shoes. We kept going. It was nice running with my husband talking...and of course breathing hard. haha. We set a good pace and were doing great. I had a new goal in mind - to not walk, and keep running.
By mile 2, everything was going great except i had awful pains coming from my feet. It almost felt like i had a rock inside my shoe. We kept going until we saw the finish line. Ryan told me, "we need to finish hard." So we sprinted to the finish line. As soon as i made my way passed the finish line i found a spot to take off my shoes and see what was inside my shoes. Turned out, that i had 3 blisters- shoes + wet socks rubbed my feet raw. But, i finished! Yay! Now i am resting my feet after a big breakfast meal from Bob Evans. Yum!

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