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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Power of a Praying Woman, Wife, and Mother

I was encouraged to write this blog from the books - Power of a Praying Wife, Power of a Praying Woman, and Power of a Praying Parent. (that was a mouthful) If you are a woman, wife, or parent these three books are great to helping you open up your eyes as well as your heart to how the Lord can work through you...through prayer.
As a new mom, i have hardly anytime to myself, let alone time to spend with Jesus. Basically the only "me" time i get is..."pee" time. And even in some occasions, my little boy is in there with me. haha.
As a single woman, i had all the time in the world to spend with God. When you have a strong relationship with the Lord, i believe that makes you stronger for other relationships. Before i began dating my husband, i was already in prayer for him and our future. I know that sounds purty weird, but i did.
When i married my husband, i took on a new role. not only was i a woman, but also a wife. I still needed "me" time, time with God, and also time with my husband. It was a hard transition, but an enjoyable one. Being a wife was all that i ever wanted to be. It's hard going into a marriage and trying not to have unrealistic expectations. I thought every single word from mine and my husbands mouth would be words of love and poetry. I thought we would always be in marital bliss. As soon as we got home from our honeymoon....reality and responsibility smacked us in the face and knocked us on our fannies. The great thing about being a wife is that you have a husband who is your - companion, friend, lover, encourager, helper, and shoulder to cry on. Remember, as a wife, you too have to be those things to your husband. It's not 50 50, it's 100 100.
Once i felt like i was excelling in the Wife category, i became pregnant and had our wonderful baby boy. As my husband and i took turns holding our little bundle of joy in the hospital, it was almost like we were in that "honeymoon" phase again. Until reality and more responsibility came shooting at us through a baby's loud cry. I was a nervous wreck for the first few months of James (our son) life. I took every choice that we had to make so seriously. like "should we give him a passy?" "did he burp enough?" "should i let other people hold him?" I was being an overly paranoid parent. The few first nights at home, James would wake up around 1am hungry. I would take him into his nursery, try to change his diaper by the dim light in the hallway (i did not want Ryan to wake up nor did i want to blind James) After i would put a fresh diaper on him, we would head to the rocking chair in the corner of his nursery room. As i sat there, half asleep, rocking and feeding James, i realized, that i was a mom. Even after 9 months of being pregnant and hours of labor, i did not realize how much responsibility weighed. How could a 7 lb 12 oz baby boy add up so much responsibility and take so much time? Now i had three very different roles - a woman, a wife, and a mother.
I know that i am very blessed to have such a wonderful husband who is there to help me be a mom. When you are married and have kids, it is very important for the husband and wife to be in unity. I heard someone say one time - "The husband is the 'head' of the household, and the wife is the 'heart' of the household." i believe that is true. They both need each other. They both need time alone with each other without kids, time with the kids, "me" time, and most importantly time with the Lord.
So i said all of this to say, that you don't need to be in front of an altar or on your knees to talk to God. THere are times when i can't make it to church. And quite frankly, the only time i am on my knees is either when i am chasing after James or i am picking/cleaning something up off the floor. God will listen even if you are praying while changing a diaper, taking out the garbage, doing the dishes, folding laundry, or rocking your baby to sleep. You can use anything as an act of worship to Him.
Prayer is definitely key to all three of those roles. Even if it is just praying "Lord, give me strength for today." As women, especially moms, we take on way too much sometimes. It is so comforting to know that we have a God who wants to take on everything that we can't.





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