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Friday, June 11, 2010

My First Blog

Being my first blog and all, i thought i should blog about the one thing that takes up most of my time and also brings me so much joy...my son, James Ryan Burkart. James is turning 9 months in 4 days. It seems so impossible to say 'the past 9 months have gone by so slow, yet, so fast.' Once you are a parent, you will understand. THe days seem long, but the months/years go by so quick.
As i was putting James down for his nap, i turned on his baby worship/lullaby CD. As soon as i heard the first song play, i was taken aback to the very late hours of the night rocking and feeding him. When i would hear his newborn cry, my motherly instincts would kick in. It was amazing to me how i could still function without any sleep. I would pick him up out of his pack n play and take him to rocking chair in the corner of his nursery. Every night when i would feed him and rock him, i would turn on that same worship lullaby cd.
My body hated getting up every couple of hours, but my heart loved every minute of it. There is nothing like rocking your baby to sleep when the whole house is quiet.
James is far from being a newborn now. Instead of me constantly having to carry him, he is crawling and attempting to walk. He is slowly turning into a independent little baby boy. I am so proud but also sad. I still picture him as that little newborn that i would rock to sleep in the wee hours of the night.
You can take this as a reminder, if you have a baby, take in every single moment....the moments go by fast.

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  1. so excited you have a blog!! Can't wait to follow!