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Friday, August 26, 2011

Devotional, Surprises, and Rashes

I have to say i am so happy it is Friday! I get so excited to have my manly home with us.
James has been pretty pitiful today. He has an awful rash on his behind. He shakes and and cries when we try to wipe him or put cream on it...i cried, because i was hurting him. Luckily, my amazing doctor called him in a special cream that should help. Hopefully this will help! He has been kind of off all day - not eating much and pooping like crazy. haha. I think he ate something weird yesterday that is causing this. Even though James is all boy, he skin is so sensitive! He got his mommy's skin i'm afraid. Anything from creams, to wipes, to diapers, to body wash, to food, to clothes we have to be cautious.
Tonight to help get his mind off of his toddler "problems", we are meeting my mommy group and their husbands/kids at a park for picnic and fun. The park is also playing Toy Story 3 which is one of James' favorites! (i tried taking a little snooze while he was napping just so i could have some energy chasing him around tonight)
I've started to do more activities with James at home. I found lots of neat and educational things at the Dollar Tree - flash cards, coloring books, paint sets, puzzles and books. He loves learning! And he is so stinkin smart! Today, i tried doing a lot with him so he could keep his mind off of his rash - he seemed much better when he was busy. One thing that he is so great at is signing the song "Jesus Loves Me." It is so cute. I hate it when he is sick or doesn't feel well, but...i do say i love how clingy and cuddly he gets when he is. He is a "on the go" all the time boy. He loves freedom, and takes advantage of it quite a bit. But it was nice today, he wanted me to rock him and sing songs to him. I needed that.
We surprised Ryan at work. James had painted a picture - he called his picture "daddy." So we took that, some cookies, and a picture i made for him to keep at his desk. He was surprised. James walked in and went to his desk and handed Ryan the pictures. Here is the picture i put together:

Here is James holding the pictures in the parking lot - getting ready to take it to Daddy

Last night we all went to Borders bookstore in Crestview. They are going out of business so everything is now 50-70% off! It was crowded but we got 2 books, 1 magazine, and a Mater stuffed animal for James all for $20! I was looking for a particular book, but everything was kind of out of order. But i came across this book that seemed to be just what i needed.

It little devotions for moms. It divides it up in days. Day one was called Too little resting, too little nesting. "God will give every mom the resources she needs to accomplish what He wants for her to do." Each day is short yet encouraging. I like to read something like this through out the day when i literally have a minute...a quick pick me up. The book was originally $13 and we got it for $5. Amazing!

Here are my thankfuls from yesterday:
~Library time with James
~when james is cuddly
~Ryan and how hard he works for us
~Mommy Group friends
~My mom - helping me learn to sew. eek.
~God's wonderful love that is expressed to me in so many ways!
Have a great day everyone!

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