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Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Well this whole week i've been very sick. No fever or achiness, just sick to the stomach all the time. Today i am doing so much better! PTL! It is so hard being sick with a toddler. You cannot take a sick day as a mother. James has been so sweet though, rubbing and kissing on my belly and just being his cute ol' self. My wonderful mother did take James for an afternoon so i could just rest and go to the bathroom with out any company. haha.
The past two days that i've been sick have been absolutely gorgeous out! 79 degree weather, sunny, blue skies. Perfect! Those are the kind of days that parents pray for - so you can get your kids outside, go for walks, and go to the park. Poor James has been home bound during the beautiful weather, but he did not seem to mind. He loves playing in the back yard with his mower and fire truck. That's all he needs and he entertains himself for hours. Yesterday, i was getting stir crazy. I thought it would be good for me to get some nice fresh air. I sat on one of our deck chairs outside while james played. The sky was so beautiful! My favorite color blue. I was so in awe of how gorgeous the day was. I thought, ' we need to take advantage of days like these.' But not just running around, going to parks, or gardening...but actually taking time to sit and "Study" the beauty that God gave us to admire. That is the reason why it is there. How sad is it that we can go through so many wonderful/beautiful days and not be thankful? or take in how wonderful our Lord is for making such a beautiful world for us? Even though i really wanted to be able to play and run around outside with James...due to not feeling well, i was able to sit back and study the sky. With James laugh in the background...it almost felt heavenly. :)
I know this is a random blog..
Next time it is a nice day out, just sit and look at what God made for you to enjoy.
Here is a picture of the gorgeous blue sky. (the pic don't do it justice)

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