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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Thankful Thursday

What a week! First off, since james was sick a couple of weeks ago, his napping has been so awful. Some days he would only sleep for 45 minutes. Before he was sick he was sleeping 2 - 3 hours every day! It was not that he was sleeping so short that was the problem, it was that he would wake up crying. Which led me to believe that he did not get enough sleep. I would try everything - go in and comfort him, let him cry it out, everything and anything the "books" would say to do. I have learned one thing is for sure, our boy is a determined boy! Also, i do not for see the church nursery situation getting better any time soon. haha. I had been putting him down roughly around 130pm. So i decided to try and push it back to 2:00. This is day 3 on the experiment and it seems to be going well. He has been sleeping 1 1/2 hours. It's no 3 hours, of course, but he is waking up much happier.
So that is definitely a reason to be thankful!
This morning james and i went to Gammy's house to visit but also bake a southern pound cake for Ryan. To be honest, i have been literally craving pound cake batter! I think i even had a dream about it one night. haha. I remember when i was pregnant with james and my mom was making a pound cake. I was so depressed because i could not eat any of the batter! When you are pregnant it is not good for the baby if you eat raw eggs - my dr said that was a "no no." That was probably one of the hardest things for me while i was pregnant - no pound cake batter, no brownie batter, no cookie batter. Today i definitely got my fill of batter...to the point i felt sick. haha. it was glorious though.
Here are pictures from the cake made from scratch for Ryan.

Things i am thankful for:
*pound cake batter for sure
*my big brother got a promotion at his job
*an afternoon spent with Gammy
*Flowers, they make me happy
*James' nap schedule is getting better
*The rain/storms yesterday
*mine and Ryan's jobs
*James' sweet little voice - saying new words
*Our little family
*And the hope and peace that God gives us when the future seems uncertain

Have a thankful day everyone!

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