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Saturday, September 10, 2011

4th Anniversary

Four years! Four years!....i just can't believe it! I have been Mrs. Burkart since 2007. It does seem like we have been together much longer...in a good way. I just can't imagine my life any different. I know if i was able to go back and be surrounded by every hot, single, amazing men...i would still choose Ryan. I would choose him everytime. No married life has not been easy, and yes we've managed to get on one anothers nerves more....a lot more than once, but those hard times are actually what have brought us closer together. We've grown together in so many ways. We are learning, together, how to raise a terrible two's toddler. haha. (he's not really terrible, he has his moments.... alot of them. haha)
It's so funny to think back on where i was 4 years ago at this very moment. We were on our honeymoon in Gatlinburg at our little cabin called "deer to us." (i so want to go back there someday!) We had no clue what we were doing. No idea what married life was like. I was so nervous probably that first 5-8 months of our married lives. I was afraid he would fall out of love with me and actually leave me for another woman. he never gave me any reason to believe that...i just thought that way. (all wives do at some point)
Yes, being newlyweds was magical and fun. But i actually do not miss that phase all to much. I love how much more comfortable we are with one another, how we know each other weaknesses and strengths, one another's annoying ticks, our likes and dislikes, how open we are, and how much better we communicate with each other. All of that took some time...4 years to be exact. haha. And we'll keep learning more about one another until the end of time.
When i think about to the newlywed days...i feel like it was a lifetime ago. Almost like that wasn't me...i just watched a movie that starred me. haha.
It's just so amazing the results that LOVE can bring. Committed and selfless love. That's the kind of love a spouse and a parent should have. You always have to be committed and selfless.
I am so thankful for what these past 4 years have brought me - Ryan and my two most favorite days...September 7, 2007 - the day we were married - and September 15, 2009 - the day James was born.

To celebrate our anniversary, we really weren't planning on doing anything big - no gifts nothing special. My blessed mom offered to keep James for us Friday night (over night) so we could have some time to ourselves. Yay! First off, we agreed not to get one another gifts, but on Thursday Ryan came home with this gorgeous bouquet of flowers! I laughed and said, "i thought we weren't doing gifts." He replied, "i know, but i could not help myself." then i smiled and said, "i couldn't either." I whipped out the gift that i made for him. Haha.

I got Ryan Rolling Rock, chocolate, gum, and a love note.

Here are the beautiful flowers!

For our big night without a toddler, we went to this amazing mexican restaurant in downtown cincy called Nada. Their chips, salsa, and guacomole was amazing! Afterwards we drove over to Mainstrausse (covington) to walk around the Oktoberfest. It was fun seeing all the neat booths and hearing the bands playing outside. We walked to a restaurant called De Filice. There was a live jazz band playing in there (they were great). We split some bread pudding dessert then made our way back out to walk off the food. It was such a perfect night - the rain held off the entire time. Sadly by 10ish, we were both tired. Sad i know. That's the life of a parent. So we headed home for the night.
My mom kept James until 3pm Saturday, so we could sleep in and have some more time to ourselves. It was so wonderful! But i have to say that i am happy to have my little doodlebug back in our house tonight.
Here is a picture of us walking through the Sky Mall in Cincy.

Take time to celebrate LOVE!

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  1. Your love story is one of my favs. So glad you enjoyed your anniversary. Way to go on those flowers Mr. Burkart--> gorgeous!