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Monday, September 19, 2011

Celebrating Life Through Pregnancy Tests and a Birthday!

I have not blogged in about a week with very good reasons.
All week, we were preparing, baking, crafting, shopping for James' 2nd birthday party Saturday. We'll get back to the party day in just a moment.
I have been feeling a little off, i guess you could say the past week or so. Tired, exhausted, sleepy. haha. I thought it was because i had a toddler while trying to get his birthday stuff together. Wednesday, was the day i was supposed to start my period. (day 28) Since i was diagnosed with endometriosis, my period has been ranging anywhere between 15 days and 35 days. Yah, i know very unpredictable and annoying. I was just really curious why i was more tired than i usually get around my period? The thought, 'could i be pregnant?' crossed my mind. But all odds were pretty much against me - crazy periods and endometriosis. I shook it off and pretty much told myself that i was in no way pregnant.
That night while in bed, i rolled over and told Ryan that i was going to take a pregnancy test in the morning just to set my mind at ease...even though i knew i was not pregnant. (i happened to have an extra test from a previous time)
5am came, and i had to pee so bad, but i didn't want to wake Ryan up (he wanted to be there with me when i tested). I seriously thought my bladder was going to explode, so i ran into the bathroom took the test and left it there in the bathroom. Did not even look at the test...i wanted Ryan to.
Around 7am, Ryan got up and went to the bathroom and came running back in and put the test in front of my face! "double line, Rachel!" It was positive! I wanted to be sure that it wasn't positive because i had left it in there for a long time. i took 4 more tests...and the positive sign came beaming through immediately!
The really neat things is that it was James' birthday! Our birthday boy was now a big brother!
To celebrate his birthday, James and i met up with 3 of his little friends - Presley, Caleb, and Mikinnley at the library for story time. Usually James loves story time...but for some reason i guess he got it through his head that since it was his birtday...he could get away with anything! haha. Including running out of story time 3 times. Ugh. I gave in and we walked around looking at books. After story time had finally ended, the kids and their moms all went to the mall for lunch. (the kids were extra testy let me tell you) When they had filled their little tummies we took them for a ride on the train that goes around inside the mall. i road with the three 2 year olds. They were so stinkin cute and so excited to be riding the train!

Here are the three Two year olds holding hands leaving the library. (so sweet)

Eating lunch at the mall.

James stole one of Presley's nuggets. haha.

Sitting on the train

james on the train

After the train ride we took them for a very short time to the playground inside the mall...which by the way is always crowded. I am always leary about taking james to places likes these...all i see is germs! And that day proved my fears! There was a little plane that all the kids loved to sit in at the playground, including my son. There was a (i can't remember if it was a girl or boy) well he or she was sitting in the plane for a long time while our kids waited anxiously for this kid to get out. When the grandma got the kid out to leave...i heard her say, "oh did you pee in there?" The kid's pants were soaked! I was shocked and disgusted! The grandma didn't even take the time to clean it up. she just gathered up her things and got out of there as fast as she could! We were dumbfounded. What's worse, a little girl hopped right into that plane and sat in a huge puddle of pee! AND...she started splashing in the pee! Right then and there we decided it was time to go! We were hand sanitizing our kids all the way to our cars! haha. Poor little Caleb did get some pee on his pants. Quite an eventful day.

At the mall, i did find this cute Big Brother shirt for James to wear when we told our families that night. And it was on sale!
We were taking my parents out for mexican -james loves mexican! We put the shirt on him to see if they would notice. They finally did!

James With His Big Brother Shirt While Eating Chips and Salsa

It was such a wonderful day to celebrate life! We were so thankful for the two years that we've had james! His biggest birthday gift this year was the gift of being a big brother!

James and his new big truck (got it for $10!)

Our little Family!

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