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Monday, April 9, 2012

Baby Land

Last week, my amazing mother took time to help me clean, organize, and set up baby stuff. I feel so much better knowing that we are a little more prepared. And not to mention so grateful for our house! When James was born, we were in a very tiny and inconvenient apartment...(it was still a blessing compared to our first place) but i am so thankful for God's blessings through our little house.
Adam is staying in our bedroom for...however long we feel like. My mom and i moved the crib, changing table, and rocking chair into our bedroom - to make it easier on me at night. And so i won't wake up James...hopefully. haha.
At first with idea of moving all that stuff into our room, i thought it was going to be so cramped, but it actually isn't that bad.

Can you tell i am excited about another baby? haha.

Next in the boys room, by taking out the rocking chair and changing table it made the room so much bigger. Eventually we'll move the crib back in, but for now it's pretty much James' space. haha. (he's in for a rude awakening)
This is where the rocking chair used to be, we made it into James' little reading corner.

Adam's name decor (james has his on the other side)

The last big baby thing we set up was the pack n play. We put it downstairs so i can easily put him down or change his diaper if James is downstairs or playing outside. I'm going for easy access and comfort here. haha.

We feel so blessed that everything that we used for James is still in great shape and is...boyish. haha. It's nice to pull out all of James' baby stuff and get to use them again.

This Easter weekend, Ryan has been busily working on house projects. A couple of years ago, we were given a bathroom cabinet (it did not have the top). Ryan had put a wooden top on it and we used it as a little island in the kitchen. This weekend, he added waynes coating (however you spell it) and painted it to match the rest of the kitchen. Eventually he wants to extend the top of it so we can make it like a sit in counter...which would be great for cooking. But for right now, i think it looks awesome!

Here is the before pic:

And After pic:

...i'm just so thankful...now off for a nice walk with my little doodlebug.

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  1. Rachel, that cabinet turned out so great! I liked the first edition of it but I really love the way it's turned out now. So excited for you all. The rooms look so awesome. You've done an amazing job on all of it.