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Monday, April 23, 2012

Is Forever Enough?

How can i not be thankful? I have been following a mother's blog for a about a week now. I found her blog through a friend. This mother's blog is all about her newborn baby girl, Nora. Nora has what is called Trisomy 18. I do not know much about what Trisomy 18 is, except that it shortens the child's lifespan. Some live till they are teenagers, others only to have their first breath outside the womb. THe journey of faith that the family has endeavored on is quite amazing and humbling. Here i am worrying about Adam coming early when all this mother wants is for her daughter to live another day. I cannot imagine the pain and sorrow this mother is feeling. At any given moment...this precious baby girl could breathe her last breath. We give birth in order to bring forth life. Maybe God is bringing forth "life" through this baby in a different way? Is that not how we ought to live? Treating every moment as if it was our last? Snuggling with our kids more. Kissing and telling our spouses how much we love them more...Taking advantage of every blessing given to us... My precious James and precious Adam, all i want to do is gather you both in my arms and carry you forever! My heart and emotions are overwhelmed with the amount of love that i have stored up for my children. I want to love them unconditionally. I want to live freely and faithfully with them. I am so honored to be a mommy. I cringe at the days that i have taken (and will take) the mother role for granted. We only have but a short time to impact and love on our children...don't wait for another moment to go by! Please pray for this precious little baby, Nora. Pray also for her loving family...that they have strength for the days to come. To read more about this mother's journey and more about baby Nora you can go to her blog iwillcarryyou.wordpress.com. If you do read her blog, prepare to cry, but also prepare yourself to look at your children in a different way.
James Holding Baby Adam's Ultrasound Photo

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