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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Nap Time Craft

Since it has been pretty much a dreary and cold weekend, i really had the itch to do a simple craft in which i already had the supplies to do. With the help of pinterest and my love for baby name meanings, i was able to make Burlap Name Meaning Signs...all while James took his nap. (i haven't gotten the picture frames yet...i'll post pics of what they will look like in frames later) All you will need is *Freezer Paper *Burlap *Iron *Printer
(Make sure you iron the burlap first so it is nice and flat) Place the freezer paper (shiny side) on top of the burlap.
Then iron (no steam - medium heat)
Once it is nice and stiff, cut the freezer paper that is around the burlap.
Next is printing on the burlap. I used Microsoft word - i had to play around with the font and size for a bit...just to make sure it would fit. Make sure you print with the burlap facing up.
Next, you can either peel off the freezer paper or leave it on. Cut the burlap to the size that fits your picture frame...and that's it! Here are James and Adam's without the frames.
Very simple and affordable! Mine will look best probably with black frames. But you can change it up - if you have colored ink, you can pick a different color to make it more fun. (i however only have black ink) :) My little doodlebug is now awake from his nap...happy crafting!

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