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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Easter Crafts

Easter is quickly approaching, and with the baby coming in May...i haven't really had my mind wrapped around Easter decor or crafts until today. Luckily i already had everything i needed to do these fun little crafts with James.

The first one, we made an Easter sheep.
You will need: paper (preferrably cardstock)
cotton balls
2 clothes pin

*First i drew an outline of a sheep on the paper with permanent marker
Then i cut it out and clipped the clothes pins where the legs would be

*Next i put glue all over the sheep's bak and upper legs (clothes pins) and let James stick the cotton balls all over it.

After James finished putting on cotton balls, we stood it up...so cute.

James' little Lamb

*You will need: Cardstock paper
Tissue Paper
Clear contact Paper
Tape (to hang up)

*First i cut out the shape of a cross and glued the clear contact paper on the back on the cardstock paper.
*Then i lightly put glue all over the cross shape (clear contact paper) and had james put the torn pieces of tissue paper on the cross.

After the glue dried, i cut out the cross (leaving some cardstock paper - hold it together).
James wanted to hang it on our kitchen window where he could see it. It turned out better than i thought it would. :)

The last craft we did - james just colored what he said was grass and easter eggs. We glued a cross on the paper that he had colored as well. Very simple yet very cute!

Have a happy thankful day!

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