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Tuesday, May 15, 2012


I will be 39 weeks tomorrow.  I am so thankful that Adam has lasted this long inside the womb, just in case he is still "developing."  I just hope he won't be too big. haha!
The past two days have been spent preparing for the time i will be in the hospital.  Laundry, cleaning, making sure James is taken care of, etc.  I feel very accomplished, but all these things will have to be done all over again in a couple of days - if Adam doesn't come soon.  The anticipation of this little one's arrival has almost put a halt on our home.  
As i was busily doing laundry today and straightening things up, again, i found James just playing quietly in the living room with his trains.  I just had to drop everything and take some time out for this sweet boy of mine.  I went over and scooped him onto my very crowded lap, and just held him so close.  It was my own way of assuring him (and even myself) that even with another little one in the house, i will still take time to love on him.  The laundry can wait.  The dishes can soak.  I don't want my boys to wait for some time with mommy.  Little kisses, big hugs, and simple "I love you's" does so much for our children.  They'll remember the times spent with us, parents, more so than their laundry being folded and put away or whether or not the dishwasher was loaded. 
I think God was just telling me to enjoy James today.  So all this morning was spent outside doing the things that James loves to do.  Riding his bike.  All i do is sit and watch him ride around and around in the driveway.  He never asks me to "participate," but i always catch him looking up at me to make sure i am watching him.  So sweet. 
Next we spent some time in the back yard.  Gammy got him a big brother present last week - a water table.  
And of course, it wouldn't be playing outside until you get muddy, right?

Then of course, my favorite time with him is reading books before Rest Time.  (i can't wait to be able to hold him on my lap again! haha) 
I'm so thankful for time alone with my little doodlebug.

Well, it would not be called preparation unless it involved some kind of baby craft right?
I found a blog that did DIY pumpkin seat covers.  With james i always just put a blanket up over his seat when we'd go to the doctor or out and about, but it would always fall.  
With the help of my sewing machine mother, i made him one. 
I picked two different fabrics from hobby lobby - sewed them together.
Then sewed extra fabric for the straps that hold onto the pumpkin seat handle.  (i used velcro so i can take the cover on and off easily)


With the fabric pulled back

The Velcro straps (i'd like to find big buttons to put on them...give it a little extra umph)

Say some prayers for baby Adam and me...the braxton hicks contractions are starting to become stronger. :) 

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