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Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Today, the rain seemed to finally subside for a while so i took it as an opportune time to take James outside. He loves being outside and plus it will wear him out a little more before nap time. Once outside, James found his lawn mower and began pushing it around on the deck while i straightened up the deck. next thing i knew, he was in ankle deep water from a puddle. He looked at me and smiled as he was swishing his feet back and forth in the rain water. I paused for a moment and knew i could go one of two ways with this situation. It was almost lunch time, would i rather damper his boyhood by making him stop playing in the water (so i wouldn't have to clean him up) or bask in the enjoyment of watching my son play safely like a boy? Usually clean comes before play. haha. Some days i am just not in the mood to clean up an "unessesary" messes. Today was different. Instead of making him come inside before he got any wetter/muddier, i took off his sandals so he could walk through the water barefoot. At first he looked at me with a surprise look like, "is mommy really going to let me get dirty?" I gave him the go ahead...and he just loved it! My son is all boy when it comes to life. He loves to get dirty and explore the unknown. I'm just so happy i get to be here right beside him while he explores and learns. Cause lets face it, i am the one who is with him all day long...who else is going to teach him how to have fun? Having a boy has made me learn all over again how to have fun and even get dirty a little bit. It was such a wonderful afternoon despite the mess i had to clean up. Here are a few pictures of James playing the muddy water.


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