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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Thankful Thursday

We are always surrounded by so many things that could knock us off our rocker with worry and fear. I was hit with that a little bit today. My hubby is having some difficulties with his work....we do not know what will happen over the summer and we are wanting to add on to our little Burkart family. Automatically when faced with hard/difficult situations, we lose hope and cling onto worry, doubt, and fear. I have learned that by living in worry you miss out on so much. You overlook all of the wonderful things God has given you in life. So today i am going to defy all my worrying, doubts, and fears and just be thankful. Somehow when you are thankful....the worry seems to fade into hope.
Things i am thankful for: -My son James, who always makes me smile
- My husband who gives me so much love
- our house
- air conditioning!
- My husband's job
- My Parents and 3 Brothers
-My Bible Group Ladies!
- Fridge full of groceries
- Legs that can chase a toddler
- Chips and black bean salsa
- Rocking my baby
-The quiet and stillness in the house
right after james falls asleep
- Walks with my family
-Pictures of my nieces and nephews
- My Savior's sweet Love!

Have a thankful day!

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