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Sunday, July 10, 2011

The No Passy Try

Yes, i am still awake...Ryan is still away on business and i am trying to find ways to help me get more sleepy.
Early tonight, after James had his routine tubby time, i went and sat in the rocking chair in his room and waited for my little doodlebug to come join me. I usually grab his two silky blankets and a passy for us to rock and read books together before bedtime. This time, James so generously grabbed his two blankets through his crib bars and walked happily over to my lap. I was in shock that he did not reach nor whine for his passy that laid lonely in his crib. I thought, "okay, let's just see what happens." We read our books, prayed together, turned on his music, and then holding my breath...i laid him in his crib passyless. He did not seem to mind, not one bit. he cuddled up with his blankets and smiled at me as i told him "night night." I left his passy in the crib on the other end...just in case. Not one whimper or cry. I just went in to check on him before i headed off to bed, and there he was, sleeping soundly with his passy untouched. I am sure he will wake up with it in his mouth in the morning, but it is so amazing how easy it was. Ryan and i had just been talking about little goals that we have for him by the end of the year - move into toddler bed, start potty training, and to get rid of the passys!
James has only been using his passy for nap time and bed time. It stays in the crib the rest of the time. He adjusted so well to from having it all the time. We are so blessed to have a somewhat laid back boy. :) I just love that kid more and more everyday! He has also been quite the little helper lately. Whenever i am picking up something big and somewhat heavy, he drops whatever he is doing, rushes over and "helps" me pick it up. The look that he has on his face when i say "thank you" is priceless! He knows that he "helped" mama. He also loves to clean...not sure if i have created a little monster. haha. Vacuuming is his favorite! He has his little vacuum that he rolls around beside me while I'm vacuuming. After i am finished, i start to wrap up the vacuum cord so i can put it away - he comes over and feeds the cord to me! Picks it up, so it's easier for me to wrap! He is definitely a littler helper. Gosh, he makes me so happy!
Well, i could go on and on for hours about him, but i just remembered that i have to work in the morning...so i best get some sleep while i can. Good night!

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  1. That's wonderful! I'm sure he will continue to be a fabulous little man, forever!!