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Friday, July 29, 2011

Pool day, thankful thursdays, and a scripture

It has been quite humid and hot here in Kentucky. Up to 95 degrees today with the heat index at 103 degrees. Steamy! While i love the summer weather, this is just too much. It is so decieving, when you look out the window you think 'oh it's such a beautiful sunny day...let's play outside.' As soon as you step out the door, you are hit with steam and sweat. That has been hard on our little doodlebug, considering he would eat, sleep, and play outside if we would let him. With heat advisories out, it does not sound inviting. I have been trying to make the best of the heat by taking him outside first thing when he wakes up around 730am -800am. Even by that time it is in the 90s. As soon as lunch time rolls around, we are pretty much seeking out any place with air conditioning.
Today, my dear friend, Brittney invited James and i along with another friend and her son, to the YMCA pool. (Thanks Brit!) She is a member there and gets free guest passes. James was so excited! We had been one other time and he loved it! I thought he would have been a little hesitant at first, but nope. He basically dove right in, swallowed some water, and had a ball! He is definitely my son - i grew up in water - the pool and ocean.
It was such a nice way to beat the heat and not only break up the day a little bit for me. Here are some pictures from our day in the sun.

James Sporting his sunglasses

Showing off his shades

My little wet doodlebug

The pool at the YMCA

Taking a snack break from the water

Everyone eating their snacks

As you can tell, i am a little behind with blogging. I am going to do my thankful Thursday today instead.
I am thankful for: *james feeling better
*Dinners with family
*James learned how to tickle me (haha it's so cute!)
*late night talks with my hubby
*God's peace!
*Creamsicle popsicles.
*Date nights (we get to have one tonight!)
*The fact that even though we do not know what the future holds, we still know that God's promise is always true and will never fall - HE will never leave us!

I have been trying to find new ways to get me more into the Bible. Sometimes, well, most times i have a hard time staying interested. Or i have no idea what to read. It is a big book, yah know? haha. I have started reading the book of Proverbs. Instead of just skimming through, like i normally do, i am taking a part each verse one by one. I have a websters dictionary with me while i read so i can break down the meanings of words. Even if i already know the definitions of the words, it helps me grasp it more.
Yesterday i came upon Proverbs 22:6 "Train a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it."
*Train- something that follows, to prepare, to focus
*Child - between birth and puberty
*Way- road/path, course of action, direction
*Go - to move, to become
*Old - mature, experienced, worn out
*Turn - to change, to rotate.
I put the definitions in the places of the words. It sometimes makes it more...abtainable and easier to understand. Plus it is a great way to help memorize scripture.
Just some helpful tips that have worked for me if you are trying to get into God's word more.

James is napping now, so i am going to go make the most of this time...maybe lay down. haha! Have a happy day!

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