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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

For all of you Walmarteers

This morning i woke up extra early to go through my coupons for a "fun-filled" trip to Walmart. I will no longer call that place Walmart...i will refer to it now as the "Pit of Despair." I know that sounds drastic, but calling it Walmart would not do the building nor the people there any justice.
First off, you can never just run in there to pick up one item. You are surrounded by bold signs pointing in every direction telling and convincing you that you need everything within in sight. With the low prices and rollbacks, they help you justify your full grocery cart.
Today, was just an off day there i guess. i was so proud and pumped to have so many coupons ready for our trip. The big one was a Luvs diaper $2 off coupon. If you are a diaper buyer, you know that ANY coupon helps! James and i went through our normal routine of trying to stick to the list and not look around at all the tempting stuff that we did not need but would find some way to convince ourselves that we did. Anyway, we found an empty check out line. The cashier was an older woman. Word of advice, don't go to a check out with an older cashier. I know that is harsh, but we were literally the only ones in line and it took 10 - 12 minutes to get checked out. I handed her may stack of coupons awaiting my awesome deals. The lady literally laid out every single coupon and read each one individually! Not even scanning them! She had another worker come over and asked if a coupon was okay to use - it said Manufacturers coupon for crying out loud. I would have been more patient if the woman wasn't so rude about it. She was making me feel like i was an inconvience for bringing all of the coupons. Well, she got to my diaper coupon...she held it up and said, "i can't accept this." I replied, "well, why not?" She rambled on telling me that she has never seen a $2off coupon before. I tried to convince her that it was real, but she was determined to not let me use the coupons. I was livid. I think the miserly lady knew that she had the upper hand considering i was the one who had a tired toddler in the cart. I gave in and just paid so i could get james out of there. If i hadn't had james with me i would have dropped everything and battled it out for my $2off of diapers.
I left there frustrated. Once we were home, i read my reciept and saw a survey asking what we thought of our walmart trip. All i could think about was the pit of despair. Can you tell i'm hormonal right now? haha. It's hard to leave that place feeling better than you did when you walked in. Yes, you get pretty good deals, but the people there are so down and down right rude. Not everyone, but most of whom i've encountered.
Oh well, until we meet again walmart. until we meet again.

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  1. oh no no no!! I wish I was there with you and I would have fought for u!! some coupons are 5 dollars off! this lady was crazy! you need to call wal mart, speak to a manager, explain what happened and demand your savings! that is ridiculous!! next time anything like that happens tell her to scan it and see if it goes thru! that will prove it is real