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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Home Projects

I just need to take some time to brag about my handy man at home.  Ryan can literally turn anything into an awesome project.  He is like the Rumpelstiltskin of wood. haha!  He is amazing!
Usually i am not up for clutter or extra hoarding things, but sometimes it is good to hang on to something that you may later down the road can use.  A couple of years back, we redid our bathroom. We had taken the old mirror in there and replaced it with a nicely finished home depot one.  Most would just get rid of the old mirror.  Not a Burkart man. haha!  We had used it for a while in the basement in our workout area. 
This past weekend, we really wanted something different above our fireplace besides the picture that we had.  I always wanted a big mirror above it, but mirrors are costly.  What does my hubby do?  he took the old bathroom mirror and cut out some wood to frame it.  It now hangs above our fireplace.  
Ryan looks at it he wishes it was a big screen TV instead.  I love it!  He did such a great job!
 Now i really want to paint our fireplace tile.  I'm not really feeling the pinkish color.  has anyone ever painted tile before?

This morning, while we were making breakfast, there was a gorgeous sunrise that i just had to get pictures of.  Little things like that can make you so grateful for another day of life.
                                                         The view from the kitchen.

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